5 Thoughts on “Emmett Riestroffer slams City Hall and its Corruption

  1. Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on September 27, 2021 at 8:09 pm said:

    “McGovern Shriver ’72”, that’s a great sign, but also not a good sign.

  2. Getting “content not available” and when I remove end of url to go to his FB page, still not finding a video.

    I do see this Emmett gentleman though has a beautiful bully. <3

  3. Hi Erica, you have to be my Facebook friend to see the video. Because this one was personal I decided not to make it public, but feel free to send me a friend request and you can see the video and get more updates from me in the future.

    Also my Bully is my sweet sweet 9 year old Zoey, she’s the best! <3

  4. "Woodstock" on September 29, 2021 at 1:49 pm said:

    “Zoey is a great name!”…. “But was she named after Bowie’s kid?”….

  5. The Guy From Guernsey on September 29, 2021 at 9:50 pm said:

    Give ’em hell Emmett!

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