Forget Del Rio, TX – We have 8th & Indiana

It is 1,169 miles from Del Rio to Sioux Falls. As I listened to all these Right Winger A-Clowns call into the Belfrage show this morning crying about something this far away we have our own little crisis going on right over by the Bishop Dudley House (you know, the place that was going to solve all of our homeless issues). In tonight’s photo album you can see occurring simultaneously on public and their private property fights, drinking, needles, homeless laundry and various other activities. As I understand it the Dudley House says not our problem, the cops say not our problem and the surrounding business owners say WTF?

In my opinion the city leaders and YES the taxpayers of this city have a responsibility to clean this up since we decided that this partnership and location was going to work. So guess what, it’s time to MAKE IT WORK or shut it down.

Cruise control government at it’s finest. (click on photo to enlarge)


#1 Erica on 09.22.21 at 8:06 pm

What makes you think that the callers into Greg’s show this morning aren’t disgusted by both? His topic discussion happened to be what is going on at the border, which believe it or not, DOES impact ALL states.

If you wanted Greg to bring up the problems by Bishop Dudley House, then why haven’t you reached out to him via calling him yourself or emailing him about it?

#2 l3wis on 09.22.21 at 8:18 pm

Erica, trust me, I would love to call into the Greg Belfrage White Power Hour (I listen from 7-8 AM). But I believe he has my phone number flagged, so I don’t. That is why they have a pre-screener so the Libs don’t get thru. While I agree, I am concerned about the border, I often remind people that you need to take care of your backyard first before telling other people what to do. I don’t think Greg has a clue of what is going on in this community, he proves it every time he interviews a city official and calls them by a different name or calls the city council the city commission. I agree, I have plenty to say, but his six callers a day in white hoods wouldn’t get it.

#3 Erica on 09.22.21 at 10:18 pm

First, you know, we ALL should stop with the “them vs us” mentality using “them libs” and “those conservatives” because the reality is, when it comes to the parties, they are the EXACT same and just using different tactics to keep us citizens (who they see as chattel) divided and fighting amongst ourselves. It makes their job easier of slipping a lot of things right past us.

I do hope you keep the “While I agree, I am concerned about the border, I often remind people that you need to take care of your backyard first before telling other people what to do.” vibe up the same when the women’s march in Sioux Falls occurs for the protesting against TEXAS abortion laws though. Looking forward to the upcoming post calling those protestors out. ūüėČ Stay consistent at that taking care of what’s in our backyard then rather than in another state.

We are on different ends of the political spectrum, but you do often post things I agree with. Especially when it comes to the shady things our council is doing with citizen money, the whole PTH-China connection, or why the local news is being so hush-hush about the Sanford investigation case.