More Sioux Falls City Council Race Gossip

I got some more news on the council races.

In Central District I asked Tom Hulbert over the weekend if he was going to run for Central. While he didn’t say he will, he certainly hasn’t ruled it out. So that’s good.

In the one At-Large that currently has the incumbent Brekke it sounds like they found a challenger from the medical sector (not sure what they do or if they are retired.)

But the big gossip is that they found another puppet like CountCilor Jensen to run for Erickson’s At-Large empty seat besides the possibility of Zach DeBoer. Supposedly the candidate will have the full-force of the mayor’s connections (and money) behind them and they come from the non-profit world.

This of course is NO surprise to me. I always new Poops and Crew would put up another Pooppet candidate for that seat.

I guess these candidates will be announcing soon. I’ll be polishing my campaign wrecking ball in the meantime.


#1 Very Stable Genius on 09.27.21 at 10:01 pm

Zach needs to run for a district post. ThuneHaken’s money will stop Zach in a city-wide race.

#2 D@ily Spin on 09.28.21 at 8:47 am

Witnessing who gets bought and installed has become entertaining. Huether Fun Palaces failed and this is the best game in town. With Strong Mayor charter, council seats hardly matter. They’re diversion to hide what’s really going on. They’re the clowns and barrel at the Rodeo. What really matters is the MC dictator mayor and the Rodeo Queen at the state capital.

#3 My Mistake Mike on 09.28.21 at 10:15 am

VSG, I agree! Zach is just what the council needs.

#4 Mike Zitterich on 09.28.21 at 11:27 am

Well, if you all want to revise the charter, put forth a recommendation or proposed change to part(s) to the Charter itself. I personally have no issue with the charter as written as it relates to the “mayor”. I have made my proposed recommendation to the Charter Revision Commission and it has created some very interesting dialogue.

1) Why do we have a ‘even numbered’ council allowing the mayor to break ties;

2) Why do we have ‘at large reps’ who represent the whole city, which includes your truly – Land Owners, Property Holders, Business Owners, Home Owners, Residents as one common entity.

3) As the District grow in size, the problem will only get worse and worse cause the local reps are being pushed farther and farther away from the very people they represent.

4) I have raised the question what is the true purpose of the At Large Reps – their job is to protect the Land Owner/Property Holders against the people in my opinion. Kind of along the lines of a HOUSE CHAMBER vs SENATE CHAMBER.

5) My proposal was to inrease the # of districts of the city, by getting rid of one or all of the at-large reps. I believe Smaller Districts is the way to go, and to have a odd # of council members, which separates the Mayor from the Council itself in terms of voting rights.

Smaller Districts where the people have 1 Vote Per 20,000 or 28,000 people is the preferred method if you goal is to keep the REPS close to the people.

This is where myself Scott agree the most – Small Districts, No At Large Reps, but we disagree on the role of the Mayor as part of the council.

The next Charter Revision Meeting is next Wednesday, so if you have ideas, then is the time to show up.

#5 Erica on 09.28.21 at 11:32 am

If Theresa Stehly isn’t going to run, we need someone just like her to do so.

We dont need anyone else with pockets that can easily be swayed by those by corps, Govt, or anyone in the medical community.