Sioux Falls City Council Oblivious to Open Government

After watching the city council meeting tonight and addressing them on open and transparent government I have to admit I have almost given up on educating them about open government. They don’t have a clue.

While discussing the Med MJ ordinance Councilor Selberg admitted that the councilors formed the ordinance privately talking to each other on the phone. Well at least Selberg told the truth even if he is ethically challenged.

Councilor Kiley blew off the supporters of Med MJ at the meeting speaking out as special interests and brought the mysterious folks he got emails from, yet never read a single email or told us who these people are.

I guess in Kiley’s eyes the 75% of Sioux Falls voters that supported Med MJ are special interests and not worth listening to. What arrogance.

If open government was a foot long blunt lit with a blowtorch and smoked by the councilors, they still wouldn’t understand. Baffling.


#1 Steve on 09.07.21 at 10:52 pm

We can only look forward to next year’s Council election. It’s way past time for new Councilors that don’t plod ahead with blinders on. Such arrogance and ignorance are so obvious from several of the current officials. It’s so disheartening for the citizens. Will be interesting to see who the developers get to run for the open seats, so they may continue their endless profits. I would guess that if Mayor no-tie is reelected, the non-transparent city attorney will keep his position. I enjoy the way Councilor Brekke asks him questions. He always appears like he never wants to provide an answer. Maybe he has to ask his boss on what to say, hence another puppet.

#2 D@ily Spin on 09.08.21 at 7:48 am

Pot is cheaper and better on the street. We don’t need pot stores with security. The excitement from gunfights is missing. Look for the minority in the alley with his pants below his butt cheeks. The city doesn’t want stores because they’d lose income from minor possession tickets. Dumbass, you’ll make 10X more from sales tax. There will be more space for rapists in the jail.

Council meetings have become a quilting bee. Lots of gossip amongst Victorian prudes sewing patches together. How about cutting the budget in half so it matches revenue and demolishing a new parking garage.

#3 Cathy B on 09.08.21 at 4:22 pm

Hey, D@ily Spin. That’s no way to talk about quilters. Sioux Falls has quilters that are some of the finest, aware, and active citizens you could find anywhere. Just sayin’