Mayor TenHaken may have more challengers

Sorry David Z., we may have a crowded field in your race against Paul.

There have been rumors over the past week that there may be two more jumping into the mayoral race soon. I don’t have many details about either candidate except one is for sure.

Hopefully with more people jumping into the race it will encourage others to jump in. I would like to see it a 6 person race or more.

While I am not certain any candidate could beat Poops, we definitely need opponents who will point out his failures since he has been an Ineffective and Fiscally Irresponsible mayor. We all know Poops got elected from the strong White Wing Taupeville Republicans in the SE District. If a strong opponent can organize the Central, the NE and the NW they could beat him. But that is some heavy lifting.

Some people often ask me why I think Poops has been an awful leader, here is my short list 😊

• Massive secrecy and closed government.

• Assault on public commentary and input.

• Controlling the (lazy) media.

• Lack of leadership and cruise control government.

• Special interest/Lobbyist funded unethical trips.

• Tax handouts, incentives and TIFs to wealthy campaign donors.

• Disastrous Covid policies that have hurt our job market, housing and the economy.

• Not stopping the Bunker Ramp.

• Asking church volunteers to do the work of Public Works and FEMA.

• Authoritarian attack on Medical MJ dispensaries and possible illegal ordinances.

Paul got elected because he is a tall, white, male Republican Christian, not because of his qualifications, because the color blind graphic designer has proven he doesn’t have any.

If a strong challenger emerges, I will do everything in my power to help them overthrow Poops.


#1 Very Stable Genius on 10.02.21 at 2:26 pm

This needs to be a race between ThuneHaken and Mr. Z.. If others enter the race, then ThuneHaken will win and most likely win without a runoff.

Mr. Z is the only one who can beat ThuneHaken, but it must be done as a sleeper race, where arrogance, over-self confidence, and indifference by the Taupeville crowd lays the seeds of voter apathy with their core base.

A conventional candidate can’t beat ThuneHaken, but a creative campaign by a dark horse unconventional candidate could do some surprising things with the help of a single issue, which then incites emotion in the people who especially live north of 57th Street.

( and Woodstock adds: “But I am really worried about his zombie image”…. “Can that be buried (no pun intended) so the focus can be on defining the mayor?”…. )

#2 D@ily Spin on 10.02.21 at 6:21 pm

More mayor candidates will dilute the vote such that TenHaken will get the majority. One competitor works better. Many voters are discontent enough they’d vote for Z. Combined with newcomers (ie. California Dems) into the city, there’s a chance for an upset. I don’t think Z is qualified but I do believe he’s honest. He presents a chance to expose and correct Charter imposed corruption.

#3 Steve on 10.02.21 at 7:09 pm

Would be great to have some serious challengers for the Mayor’s seat. The citizens of this City deserve that. It seems interesting that the Councilors that will be finishing their terms haven’t decided to enter the race. Maybe they too, are just tired of the corruption and non-transparency and just want to walk away from it. If they did run, would the developers would find it a conflict of interest as they wouldn’t know who to support with donations? If Miss Stehly decided to run, those two could present a great debate.

#4 Perdita West on 10.03.21 at 1:25 pm

@Very Stable Genius: which issue is that?

#5 anominous on 10.04.21 at 1:57 pm

how will the mayor communicate with the citizenry if facebook is down