David Z on the Campaign Trail

This was a nice story about David by Dan


#1 Erica on 11.02.21 at 6:46 pm

Good for him for not giving up.

Too many people have said poor things about him; have said he’s strange, too vocal, and too different, yet they keep voting in candidates (from both sides of the aisle) who only cater to the mainstream looks or viewpoints then complain that all politicians are the same. Well, stop voting in for cookie-cutter mentalities and thinking you will get something different for once.

#2 l3wis on 11.02.21 at 6:50 pm

Yeah, I don’t like how they treat David in the media either. He is a nice guy, he makes great presentations and wonderful vegan cookies 🙂 Ironically, if I only had the choice between David and Poops and I was forced to pick one, I would much prefer David as our mayor.

#3 Officer McLoughlin on 11.02.21 at 7:12 pm

I’m glad to see David getting some acknowledgement by the press. He’s obviously smart, sincere, and committed. He’s probably put more work into improving Sioux Falls than Paul and the City Council combined.

Our traditional means of judging and choosing candidates obviously isn’t working. He’s got my vote.

#4 My Mistake Mike on 11.02.21 at 10:14 pm

Spicoli for Mayor!

#5 Corn Dogger on 11.02.21 at 10:29 pm

I’d rather see Jay venting about the weather or Angela raising our awareness about rotten landlords. David is the Court Jester and he really should focus on his career of online education and his role of playing entertainment wirh funny videos at council meetings. No one takes him seriously except for fellow whackadoodles

#6 Very Stable Genius on 11.02.21 at 11:23 pm

Conventional opponents guarantee a ThuneHaken win. Mr. Z is the only one who can beat the current mayor.

#7 NTNLIQ on 11.03.21 at 7:01 am

Seems like a nice enough guy, but has absolutely no chance of being elected.

#8 Whackadoodles on 11.03.21 at 10:01 am

Corn Dogger, love the wackadoodles reference! Spot on! The only reason I stop by here is for the comedic relief….

When I worked with Detroit Lewis, I used to call him “my lil porkchop”, it just seemed to fit. About the only thing we ever agreed on was Eva Longoria.

#9 Couldn’t watch on 11.03.21 at 11:16 am

I tried to watch this…I really did. I can get over his homeless look, far out weed smoker disposition, but saying we need homeless shelters for alcoholics was too much and I quit. Let that sink in…build homeless shelters for alcoholics. Huh? Maybe we should build lil shacks for panhandlers rreeeaaallly close to liquor stores to help them as well?

#10 "Woodstock" on 11.03.21 at 12:38 pm

“Historically, the tallest candidate usually wins”…

#11 Very Stable Genius on 11.03.21 at 12:43 pm

The true “Whackadoodles” are the ones who spend two hours in a Chick-fil-A drive-thru lane. AND, who was the one who made this reality possible?

#12 Very Stable Genius on 11.03.21 at 3:30 pm

Mr. Z and Taneeza are right on the issues, but they are not the issues which win a city election in Sioux Falls.

Sadly, street cleaners, plowing, property taxes, and streets and traffic are the issues which win an election in this town. And all of that assumes you are not running against Thune 2.0, however, which they are.

Panhandling, homelessness, racism, policing, and affordable housing are all issues that need to be addressed, but when you speak to those issues you are only gaining the attention of the left of center voters, but there are not enough of them to win a city wide election in Sioux Falls, nor enough to register to vote to make this election competitive.

Only a race between ThuneHaken and Mr. Z could become interesting with the help of Taupeville arrogance, indifference, and lower voter turn-out among the comfortable due to complacency and over-confidence.

( and Woodstock adds: “It would also help, too, to keep the ThuneHaken voter away from Limitless Male so as to lessen their drive and energy to vote and blank the masses”… )

#13 Unstable Geni… on 11.03.21 at 3:52 pm

VSG, you seem to be obsessed with Chic-fil-a….I haven’t been there yet, but, if you don’t have the means, I am willing to pick you up, drive over, and pay for your lunch.

I’d ALMOST be willing to pay for a car wash at Silverstar, but I think it may be too strong and blow the rust right off your Yugo.

#14 scott on 11.03.21 at 4:17 pm

david z needs to start doing 5k’s, taking selfies, and getting his hair cut at the salon, not the barber shop. he also needs white nike’s and not new balance dad shoes. that’s what voter’s want in this town.

#15 Very Stable Genius on 11.03.21 at 7:33 pm


Thanks for the offers. I prefer Slim Chickens, however, and can afford it myself. AND, if I am obsessed. It can’t be as bad as the obsessions that those who wait in two hour long drive-thru lanes have at Chick-fil-A.

But, I eventually do plan to go to Chick-fil-A though. I plan to do it in October of 2023. My personal drive-thru traffic algorithm suggests the lanes there should subside by then.

Oh, and it’s a Yukon and not a Yugo. Late model, too, and black (… Ya, I know, I know ….)…. AND, once again thanks for the car wash offer, too, but I prefer to wash my own fleet. I am what you would call a poor American who washes their own Cadillac(s), but not poor enough to need to take you up on your offers, however. Thanks though.

( and Woodstock adds: “What’s wrong with a Yugo?!”…. “Tito had those made!”… “He was a nice commie and non-aligned unlike Castro”… “A course my cousin used to have a Soviet Lada – which was pretty much a Yugo – until the chain broke on it and strangely it always had alignment problems too”….)

#16 Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on 11.03.21 at 7:42 pm

“white nike’s”? I would suggest instead some of those fancy luggage tan wing tips with the white marshmallowy soles. Especially, if you are seen south of 57th Street. North of 57th, however, maybe a guy should try some of those Under Armor tennie-runners to make it look like you shop at Scheels and are thus cool.

#17 "Woodstock" on 11.03.21 at 7:45 pm

“Speaking of Under Armor, whenever Scheels has a sale on that stuff”…. “I always leave a comment/reminder about it in both the Mayor and Senator Thune’s most recent Tweets just because I am a nice constituent”….

#18 Conservative Here on 11.04.21 at 11:12 am

I never understand why so many people want the Govt to solve so many of our problems. Last time I checked, they are terrible at it. I don’t know how anyone could argue that point. Govt is inefficient, rife with corruption, and there is literally no incentive for the employees in govt to work better. Govt has its place but, it should be very minimal

With that being said, I would vote for ANY candidate that would stick to these basic tenants and not wander outside the lines
– Fix Roads
– Ensure Proper Water Treatment maintenance
– Keep our streets safe with a “Protect and Serve mentality” not a harass and try to generate revenue model
– Keep the playing field level in terms of Laws and enforce the ones that are already on the books and if your not going to, get rid of them!
– Dispose of unnecessary taxes and fees.
– Last but not least, GOVT IS NOT A REVENUE GENERATOR, stop building junk we don’t need (aquatics center, Premier Center, parking ramp, etc)

If David Z could do that, yeah I would vote for him but, too many people like him think the top priority of govt are social causes, ITS NOT!

#19 Very Stable Genius on 11.04.21 at 12:07 pm

Without totally agreeing with CH, CH has proven what the issues are for most voters who will vote in the upcoming city election and why our current left of center candidates for mayor – although with good intentions – are out of touch with the issues which will actually decide their race.

#20 Conservative Here on 11.04.21 at 5:03 pm

VSG – See we can kind of agree on some things!!

Govt is just flat out bad and its bad everywhere!!! Nobody trust politicians, they cave to fringe groups and media pressure, not to mention whoever lines their pocks and this happens all the time. The people that routinely show up to give input at City Hall are often just out of touch with most people.

Here is the deal we may never see eye to eye on many social issues but, I think MOST people are for many of the things I listed. The rest is for the activist’s and those are a small majority of people but, maybe I am wrong