UPDATE: Reistroffer proves his theory . . .

As Emmett warned, there would be only one company submitting multiple MJ Med Dispensary applications, and it looks like he is working for them 🙂 Well played. LOL.

UPDATE: Actually 79 applications were turned in.

Also listen to our genius city attorney discuss it on SDPR (FF: 5:15)


#1 David Zokaites on 11.16.21 at 8:47 am

Government should listen to the will of the people and provide reasonable regulations for medical cannabis. Because medical cannabis is indeed medicine, it should be regulated like other medicines. Medical cannabis dispensaries should be treated like pharmacies and not subject to heinous regulations that try to shut them down. If I get elected as mayor next April, we will fix the current nasty rules.

#2 Why don’t Dems just legalize? on 11.16.21 at 11:33 am

Why is it that Dems are the ones usually pushing for relaxed Sticky icky laws, yet when having a puppet in the White House, along with both houses, there is almost zero talk of decriminalizing a common plant? You don’t suppose the demoralcrats actually want their base to be victims and career criminals so they can say (R)’s are bad, you need to vote for us!? You’ve got til 2022 to get this done on a nationwide level, why aren’t you guys pushing for this? Let’s Go Brandon!!

#3 David Z for Mayor on 11.16.21 at 7:19 pm

I think both major political parties play off each other. They like to antagonize each other and show differences but actually share important common goals. If it takes a billion dollars for an effective presidential campaign, then both parties have to sell out to “compete.” Sure there are differences about important issues but I think those differences mask underlying support for policies that help rich corporate sponsors. With that being said, the Dems should certainly legalize cannabis, especially medical cannabis. Dems should have some integrity and legalize a popular helpful medicine.

#4 Very Stable Genius on 11.16.21 at 8:07 pm

But aren’t Republicans the ones who strongly believe in states’ rights, so why does federal legalization matter? Can’t Republicans just challenge federal preeminence over the matter in federal court?

Also, why aren’t the Republican caucuses in Washington taking Matt Gaetz’s position on maryjane?

( and Woodstock adds: “‘Let’s Go Brandon!!’?”….. “Personally, I prefer ‘Why Not Minot?'”….. (“And I wonder if Mary Jane is at least 18?”….) )

#5 Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on 11.16.21 at 8:09 pm

It would have been cute if Emmett would have delivered his 26 bags, I mean packets, in one of his yellow tricycles.

#6 D@ily Spin on 11.17.21 at 10:32 am

Political friction should slow way down once pot’s legal. There should be pot shops and munchy machines inside all government buildings.

#7 States rights on 11.17.21 at 4:04 pm

Sure I believe in states rights, so should you. But, the federal government has deemed Mary Jane a schedule 1 drug, I believe?-too lazy to research it, and honestly don’t care. If the feds would just relax their stance, then it could be legal everywhere, and we could bring it across state lines. And Joe and the Ho have all the power right now and could easily do it….or, are they racists and don’t want the Negroes and Hispanics to be able to use it without being able to put them behind bars?

#8 Further Fear & Loathing on 11.17.21 at 7:40 pm

But I still don’t understand why Matt Gaetz can’t make Maryjane legal? But maybe she, or the issue I mean, is too youthful for most in the GOP caucus.