UPDATE: Does a Specialist Doctor have the time to Serve on the Sioux Falls City Council?

UPDATE: I found Cole’s boilerplate website. After the 5 minute read, I’m really not sure how Cole would be much different than what we currently have on the council. She does belong to a book club though.

As someone joked to me, “Don’t you know we need someone from both hospitals on the council now since we have a banker from Sioux Falls #1 Bank.”

Unfortunately, their joke will probably come true.

This week a Specialist Doctor in Sioux Falls announced they are running for city council and while I could comment on several fronts why they don’t qualify, I am mostly concerned about their time constraints. As I have been told by peeps in the medical field, they probably can rearrange their schedule to make it work, but what’s the point? This person literally has NO political foot print. I can’t even find if they have served on ANY non-profit or semi-governmental boards in the community.

It is however pretty obvious why someone with such a busy schedule was ‘picked’ by the golden team, because they would make an excellent rubber stamper who would never question the mayor’s agenda and quickly move stuff along and get home in time for bedtime stories.

While I agree we need all walks of life serving on the council, I would much more prefer to see more piano teachers than specialist doctors. Representation of the common Jill and Joe on the council has almost disappeared and that is because of the enormous amount of money poured into these races by the SD GOP and Developers in this community and the Rah Rah Taupeville Churchies. It would be impossible to compete with the kind of money this candidate will raise. The only hope is the incumbent in the race (Janet Brekke) can ride into a second term based on her incumbency and solid voting record of mostly supporting the council agenda over the past 4 years while fighting for more transparency, legal clarity and long term planning.

While I commend this person for wanting to serve, I question if they even have seen a council meeting or know how city government works and that is exactly who the cruise controllers want.


#1 D@ily Spin on 12.04.21 at 5:57 pm

Is this a medical ethics question worthy of state board review? It’s unheard of for a doctor that’s not retired to hold public office. Should a doctor vote on liquor licenses or casino zoning? It would seem he’d have to refrain from most council votes. A councilor who can’t vote as a district representative has unconstitutional consequences.

#2 Corn Dogger on 12.04.21 at 11:03 pm

What a hit job! You don’t like this candidate because she is…too well educated? She shouldn’t have time for public service? Then your #1 conspiracy fan jumps on the bandwagon calling for an ethics complaint because she should be retired to consider office? Seriously! What planet do you people come from?

#3 l3wis on 12.05.21 at 8:56 am

Hit Job? LOL. You should of seen what I was going to write but decided to focus on what her intentions are. I even went so far to defend her that she may have the time to do the job. It is blatantly obvious why she was picked by the ‘team’ because she will follow directions and do what the rest of them tell her to do. It has nothing to do with her higher education. Does the council need a medical doctor? No. The city already has several doctors on the payroll, not only are they the highest paid city employees they have a roll and we don’t need a councilor contradicting them. I would be curious what her thoughts are on mask and vaccination mandates. If we truly think we need a medically trained person on the council, let’s hear her opinion, but I can’t even find a website for her candidacy. This reminds me of when I was asked to sit on a local arts board, which I enjoyed, but the running joke was there were no men so I filled the void. LOL.

#4 Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on 12.05.21 at 1:21 pm

I would like to know more about these “Rah Rah Taupeville Churchies”. “Churchies” would make a great name for a softball team. Protestant league a course. Do they have cheerleaders? Are their skirts knee length or above? Let me guess, all blondes, right? Would some of them happen to live on Whitechurch Lane? That’s what I thought. To think, a white church in Taupeville. It was when people were free, when nonconformity was a virtue. Today conformity is the true religion with the darkness of its taupe-ish judgmental qualities in hand. But let’s hear it for the cheerleaders, however, because they make our day. Their blondeness gleams amongst the taupe-ness of our times, where an eight dollar coffee and a thirty dollar car wash are like cleanliness is next to Godliness.

#RahRahWhiteSUV #SilverstarOfBethlehem

#5 "Woodstock" on 12.05.21 at 1:32 pm

“I always thought it was strange that Frank Church was a big liberal”…. “And from Idaho, too ( “A course, he was probably the only liberal to ever come out of Idaho as well”…. ) “…. “AND, what if it had been a black church?”… “Do you think they would have called it ‘Blackchurch Lane’?”…. “Probably not….” ….”They would have given it a European distinction and called it like ‘Montenegro Place'”… “Or, just ‘Church Lane'”…. “Say, speaking of all of this, when are we going to get a MLK Street here in town?”…. “I suggest we rename Ralph Rogers to Martin Luther King Drive”…. “That ought to get them going, huh?”…. “As far as I’m concerned, their dark taupe-ishness is merely a color of cover for their true selves”… 😉