RIP Dole


#1 John Kennedy Claussen, Sr., on 12.05.21 at 3:39 pm

Bob Dole was a Republican who reached across the aisle.

When Dole ran with Jerry Ford in 1976, he was considered to be the ticket’s “Hatchet Man”. In 1980, during one of his brief presidential runs, he called Jimmy Carter a “Southern fried George McGovern”. But those were examples of Dole the candidate. Dole was from a political era when the political arena ended, when you won and entered Washington.

Bob Dole, a Republican from Landon’s conservative Kansas, is the one who worked with George McGovern to help found our federal food stamp program, a program that helped grocers, farmers, and the hungry, and even does to this day. Bob Dole was a member of the “Greatest Generation”. Today’s Republicans could learn much from the career of Bob Dole; and if they ever care to, then that would be the greatest tribute they could ever give to Dole and his legacy. Time will tell, however, if they will heed that advice.

When I was a young intern in Washington, D.C., for Tom Daschle in the summer of 1980, I had the uncanny ability to always run into Bob Dole in the hallways of Congress (Al Gore for some reason, too). AND, he always said hello to everyone. Once my brother, who was visiting me in DC at the time, almost collided head-on with Dole as they were coming at each other unknowingly around a corner in the Dirksen Senate Office Building, and once again, Dole should his civility, his decency, and politeness.

Bob Dole, like his colleague, George McGovern, were denied the presidency. Although, they both tried multiple times to garner it, but no one can deny that they were both members of the Greatest Generation, and it is now our duty to learn from their careers and their political ways, if this country is have more than one American Century. Perhaps, it needs to start with civility, decency, and politeness.

#2 D@ily Spin on 12.06.21 at 9:08 am

Dole was an honest Republican with values, ideas, and valuable resources. His military service was remarkable. Oil made him affluent but he never forgot where he came from. His wife (Elizabeth) supported him well and led the Red Cross. She lives and mourns. Bob Dole didn’t have to be president. He’ll have a sound place in history.