Someone from the Sioux Falls Media finally covers the Chaos at the Dudley House

Another Broken Poops Promise, when he was running for Mayor he said he would close the Dudley House because he would eliminate homelessness in Sioux Falls. That reminds me of the time I said I would not get drunk on St. Patty’s then 20 minutes later I was finishing my 3rd Irish Car bomb (they are very delicious).

The Argus finally did a story about it, the day they shut off the presses and made it only for online subscribers which is an intriguing editing decision from the braintrust running that joint.

What is that saying about a bear in the woods?

While it is an interesting story (that no one will see or read), this part literally had me fall out of my chair;

Since 2017, failure to vacate has been the top call to police near Eighth Street and Indiana Avenue. Thus far in 2021, it’s accounted for 20% of the 531 criminal reports taken by the police, according to data collected by the Argus Leader.

Maybe I am reading that wrong (I hope I am) but ONE intersection in this city accounts for 20% of the city’s criminal calls and reports in the entire city!? WTF!?

As I have said in the past, there is NO one solution, but in order to have a solution people need to put their heads together. That means people who live in the neighborhood, the businesses, the SFPD the City Council, churches and many others. When is the City Council and Mayor (you know, the supposed leaders of this town who drive autonomous vehicles thru Tuesday night meetings) going to call on a task force to be put together and have aggressive public meetings to combat this? A vigorous open public discussion with the community could put some solutions in motion. Blaming Covid for the problem or as Police Chief Thumbs did the ‘neighborhood’ area just doesn’t cut it.

Of course, you will see little to no action, even though I do know that some councilors and patrol officers do want solutions, but who has time for 8th & Indiana when we have Blizzards to hand out at Dairy Queen?


#1 Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on 12.06.21 at 10:54 pm

What if we just bombed that intersection? Would that solve the problem? I know some say if we carpet bombed the MidEast with the big one, that would solve that problem. AND, don’t forget about that Philly mayor many years ago who fire bombed an entire neighborhood.
WWJD? (Janklow)

#2 Further Fear & Loathing on 12.07.21 at 10:24 am

“Irish Car Bomb”?…. That reminds me of what the IRA used to say about Maggie, which was: “Maggie has to be lucky every time, we only have to be lucky once”…..

#3 No ideas? on 12.07.21 at 1:26 pm

As I was reading this, i thought, Detroit L3wis is going to drop some knowledge on how to fix this….nope. Then I thought….the great brain trust that runs around this echo chamber will have some great ideas….. nope. C’mon, where is that one Genius dude, he always says something that makes zero sense, this is a perfect opportunity for him to sound off.

#4 l3wis on 12.07.21 at 1:58 pm

There are many solutions but without bringing in the neighborhood to discuss openly you will never know what the appetite is to implement. This is a community issue, not a homeless issue, and our supposed leaders need to call on some help, but first they must admit there is a problem.

#5 "Woodstock" on 12.07.21 at 2:02 pm

“I guess the anti-quotation boy is back again”…. “But he should try not using question marks in his aliases to give himself more cover”…. “And for a guy who hates this site and feels it has little to offer, then why does he waste his time reading the comments on it?”…. (“I wonder if he knows MP…. probably”…. )

#6 There’s no law on 12.07.21 at 2:06 pm

There’s no law against private citizens getting together to solve a problem. Hell, the only job Barrack Hussein ever had was community organizer before being funded to be our first 1/2 black president. This little group ought to organize and try to help with this issue.

#7 Very Stable Genius on 12.07.21 at 3:22 pm

No question mark this time. I think he took the advice.

#8 Hate is a pretty strong word on 12.08.21 at 2:19 pm

Hate? I don’t hate it here, if I did, I could easily not visit from time to time. I come here for the same reason I occasionally turn on CNN or MSNBC, I like to see what all the nutjobs are saying now, and you guys never disappoint!!!

Just FYI….I am not anti quotations guy. I have no idea who you are talking about.

Hope my Smith and Wesson .44 Magnum comes in this week, should be a hoot to shoot? Well, I’m off to Silverstar, gotta get as many car washes as I can for my $30 a month.

#9 l3wis on 12.08.21 at 3:19 pm

I think the program went bye bye after the Copper Lounge collapse and how we never got our money back. But like most bad ideas, the council will keep bringing them back until they get them. Like the admin building (had 2 chances to kill) the bunker ramp (had 4 chances to kill) run offs in council races, moving public input, etc, if it is a sh!tty idea that wastes tax dollars they will follow it to the gates of hell.

#10 Fearing the Fuhrer & More on 12.09.21 at 2:41 pm

Oswald used to do mail order, too.

#11 scott on 12.09.21 at 6:29 pm

move the bishop dudley house to taupeville and it would solve both problems.

#12 anominous on 12.09.21 at 11:55 pm

did not PTH run for mayor using a campaign pic of himself cosplaying as BATMAN? He was nothing but a joker with a toolbox. Between the fentanyl and the guns everyone keeps getting stolen from their cars, he has a lot more to take credit for than a couple tallcans on 8th street per day.

#13 "Woodstock" on 12.10.21 at 1:12 pm

“Ya, move the Dudley House next to Limitless Male”…. “That ought to straighten everyone out”….

#14 .44 Magnum Update on 12.14.21 at 10:04 am

Mail order for guns?…..evidently, you have zero idea how the process works? I ordered it from Reeds Sporting Goods as that was about the only place I could even FIND a new .44. I paid for it with my debit card over the phone, then it was 2nd day to The Alliance-who has a FFL on file with Reeds. Then I go to The Alliance and fill out the background check, pass it, then pay the transfer fee. Now if I could only find .44 Magnum ammunition!