Puff Piece on Poops

Even though this interview was more like a grade school softball game, there were some interesting parts;

“We all thought when we got the vaccine in January that COVID was done and we were going to move on and it was going to be 2020 (that was) the year we wanted to forget, and 2021 has been more of the same,” TenHaken said.
“It’s almost like the year of deja vu.”

That’s because in order for the vaccine to work, you have to actually get it. Weird how science and medicine works. And when our fearless leader who promotes everything from gravy, dad jokes and mentorship pushes that job off on the private healthcare providers don’t be surprised when things don’t change.

“They’re not all law-abiding citizens,” TenHaken said. “So we doubled down on public safety initiatives, whether it’s the training center, opening a report-to-work location or adding staffing resources with a behavioral health community resource officer and our first six months of The Link, which indirectly is a public safety initiative because we’re trying to keep people out of jail who don’t need to be in jail but need other kinds of help.

Funny how Poops still can’t say the ‘P’ word (Precinct). He also doesn’t mention what he is doing about our homeless and panhandling issues, let me fill you in; NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he refuses to ask for the community’s help and engagement.

Downtown also is the site of what the mayor calls “one of my biggest personal disappointments of my first term.”
The unfinished multiuse parking ramp project along 10th Street east of Phillips Avenue has been tangled in a legal dispute between the city and developers since 2019.

The irony is that THIS Mayor and City Council had the power to cancel the project and the bonding (we would have had to pay a fine  . . . which is ironic;

“I want people to know we are laser-focused in trying to get to a resolution,” TenHaken said. “I wish we could talk about it more and talk about it publicly because I think people think we’re sitting on our hands waiting for something to happen, and we’re not. There’s not a week that goes by that we’re not engaged in some kind of activity trying to bring closure. In 2022, I’m confident there’s going to be significant action in that.”

It is ironic, because the rumor going around is that the DEVELOPER (not plural) has been telling people the city will be paying him off to go away, and they want to do it in complete silence without the assistance of the council. So why didn’t we just pay the fine initially on the bonds? Because the bonding companies (we only use basically one in the city and state) have complete control of our elected leaders instead of the other way around. Let’s just say they have many ‘tools in their toolbox’ to use against governments that don’t want to cooperate with the Godfather of Bonds and there was no way in Hell they were going let a $26 million dollar bond be taken off the table.

The ramp itself is cash-flowing, he added.
“We’re not losing money. It’s not costing a red cent to have it sit there like that.

We are actually losing out on property tax revenue, so in essence we are losing money and no doubt when the project gets handed over to another developer (which we all know who that will be) there will likely be tax incentives and a possible TIF, so we will again be losing more money. Besides the Railroad Redevelopment deal (which never got rid of a single train DT) the bunker ramp is a prime example of how poorly negotiated the deal was. Even though the public and other business people threw out multiple red flags over multiple years and administrations and councilors they still went full on. To this day NO elected official or city director involved has apologized for the colossal F’Up. I think they all should have resigned. When I hear certain folks tell me that government should run like a private business, I point to this mess DT and tell them, that is the result of such a foolish philosophy.


#1 Very Stable Genius on 01.04.22 at 9:34 pm

So you want to talk about the “COVID cloud”, huh? Well, if Hillary had been elected in 2016, we would have never had the incompetence of 45s administration to deal with it. And who was the mayoral candidate in 2018 who wanted to give 45 a B+ for overall performance?…. That’s right.

Bunker Ramp: Who was the one who continued that painful reality with Lamont and a press conference where he claimed that Beck had expertise in that area?…. That’s right.

But with all of that said, a chicken sandwich will get re-elected this year with 73% of the vote. You watch.


#2 D@ily Spin on 01.05.22 at 9:38 am

A push to get vaccinated is a waste of time. Those who haven’t gotten the FREE vaccine choose to be radically stubborn for attention or religious belief. What they don’t realize is those vaccinated are safe from COVID but can still be carriers. If you don’t get the shots you can eventually get the disease.

Finally, there’s talk of what can be done about the parking ramp. I doubt there’s significant legal entanglement. If anything, the city is trying to blame the developer. They (the city) approved and funded the project. They alone are responsible. What will happen is after 5 years or so Billion will buy it for a dollar and use it to for delivery and storage for electric cars.

#3 D@ily Spin on 01.05.22 at 10:05 am

City hall has become known for gifts. Give a thousand for mayoral campaigns, get a multimillion TIF. Buy problem projects for a dollar. Develop or redevelop then come back for overpriced repairs from inferior construction. When will the Sedgeways be auctioned? Who got gifted the Red Ski Lift? How many police 3k E-Bikes will be bought for 10k?

#4 My Mistake Mike on 01.05.22 at 11:19 am

I see the Minnehaha County Commission just voted itself a 5% pay raise. WTF?

Cry me a river:
“To be here takes time away from my business and my schedule… we are a good public scrutiny for the things that we do,” said Karsky. “Just to get people interested in this job for the scrutiny that it involves, I think is worth money for the time committed.”

#5 scott on 01.05.22 at 2:59 pm

to paraphrase mike z, elected officials should be able to live on 15k a year.

#6 D@ily Spin on 01.06.22 at 11:24 am

The county 5% raise is hardly a cost of living increase. Social Security is this much. I respect government except for corrupt city government. There’s something wrong when a 100k mayor leaves office a millionaire after 8 years. It’s wrong when city councilors get paid vacations.