Sioux Falls Police Officer gets fired from his part-time food delivery job

Recently Sioux Falls patrol officer Paul Whitechurch got the idea to join a national food delivery company for a side hustle after seeing one of his fellow officers with such a positive experience that took over social media in Sioux Falls.

“I just thought after sitting in my patrol car all day at the skate park it would be a nice change to actually work in a moving car.” said officer Whitechurch “While police work is certainly very fulfilling, what attracted me to this side hustle is the pleasure of delivering fast food to lazy bastards who are willing to pay $10 bucks for me to deliver food from a restaurant a 3 blocks away.”

Whitechurch was surprised that after only a week on the job that the corporate office informed him that he was terminated.

We contacted the office to see if we could figure out why he was terminated so quickly? They sent us a statement;

‘While we try not to talk about why our independent contractors are terminated, we feel Whitechurch broke so many rules we needed to share. His delivery response times were about 3 to 4 times slower than our Sioux Falls average and sometimes he would bring 4-6 friends to assist him with the delivery. He was also caught eating the food he was supposed to deliver and even if he made it in good time, he never wore a mask when in contact with customers. That may fly at his day job, but at our business we take our protocols seriously and they must be followed.’


#1 Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on 01.28.22 at 12:25 am

The DoorDash delivery was very Mayberry. But what about the 28 rounds in front of the taco shop? What was that? A tale of two cities? Are the police now in competition with the food trucks? Do we have a news story here? What about the guy who calls 911 to claim someone stole his maryjane? Is that now legal? What about the munchies? Will it keep the police too busy? Chick-fil-A’s standstill line looks like a mannequin challenge. Some could relate. Aunt Bee always brought pie and fried chicken to the sheriff’s office. Delivering it could be a part of ones bucket list. Chicken that is. Barney, however, always gave Aunt Bee’s pickles away. Barney was ahead of his time. He’d stop cars to do it. Maybe that’s the answer. Sobriety checks are meant for safety and to keep Otis off the roads so he can enjoy the pie and fried chicken. Stay away from Aunt Bee’s pickles, however, because drunkenness shouldn’t be a death sentence.

#2 D@ily Spin on 01.28.22 at 8:59 am

Sounds like part time food delivery required lights and siren. Can’t do that. It’s dangerous enough with food drivers racing around. Police are paid well but cost of living in this city requires they supplement their income. How about like for Chicago. Police bribes with side drug deals.

#3 Paul ElevenHaken on 01.29.22 at 10:03 am


#4 l3wis on 01.29.22 at 11:01 am

As pointed out, what is going on with the Gilberto’s shooting incident. The ‘rumor’ is they have a suspect in custody, BUT, only have him on some disturbances charges. Not sure if they have a weapon or any way to tie this person to the shooting. But it would be nice to at least confirm that what going on. The transparency level of the city right now is so low they can’t even give us a tiny little update about the shooting but can pollute the airwaves with a Door Dash Cop. One of my friends said last night that he wonders if it was staged (the delivery video NOT the shooting). He could be right, I mean who answers the door when the police are knocking on it? LOL.

I liked Kimmel’s take on it, he said the cop delivered the food, and Uber Eats delivered the arrested man to jail.