Poops sent out this fundraising email talking about how he navigated us through all the things he didn’t sign up for;

In less than two months (49 days, to be exact), voters will choose who will guide Sioux Falls forward for the next four years. As Mayor, I’ve worked to provide a steady hand as Sioux Falls dealt with the unexpected.



Civil unrest.

And a worldwide pandemic.

While leading through it hasn’t been easy, our city has shown incredible resilience. I’m proud of the way we’ve pulled together and hope through.

When he talks about ‘Civil unrest’ is he referring to panhandling, the Dudley house parking lot, union contract negotiations, his police department, management turnover or all of the above?

By l3wis

3 thoughts on “Mayor Paul ‘Poops’ TenHaken didn’t sign up for it, but he survived”
  1. There was this song once upon a time , or was it crying in my beer or was it cry me a river. I guess when Hen Taken is involved, its crying all the time.

  2. When he talks of “civil unrest”, I think he is referring to the criticisms on social media of how he dressed sometimes during the early days of the pandemic for his public press conferences, and then his once public outcry of disgust for such criticisms at one of those actual public press conferences.

    In a totalitarian society, even public criticism is considered to be “civil unrest” and intolerable.

    Else, he is referring to the riots that ensued as soon as the people found out about Chick-fil-A, but then its delay, along with the delay of Dave & Busters, due to the immediacy of a pandemic.

    Imagine the “unrest”, however, if a Burger Battle was canceled. Patties would be flying everywhere with buns being reported as mini UFOs.

    I must admit that his letter is very Biblical as well. But there should have been a section about on-demand busing and three buses from Fargo. It would have been very touching and would have spoke to the gravity of such an overall concept.

    And no mention of culture? Certainly in the midst of a flood, three tornadoes, riots, and a pandemic there should be time to hire a Chief Culturalist, wouldn’t you think?

    It has been quite a four years though. I think we all deserve now to relax in a comfy chair at the State Theatre and enjoy a new chicken sandwich. #FaitAccompli

  3. Blame Mikey. Except for the weather, he planted the problems. It’s like an ant pile. The workers furiously fixed things while the queen played with the kids.

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