While the media gets in the weeds about TenHaken’s text messages, the real corruption is city employee bonus bribes

I agree, the mayor shouldn’t be using insider information to sooth his followers hunger for pop rock, but that is small potatoes compared to giving city employees a bonus right before an election.

I’m sure Poops is enjoying the deflection of ‘text gate’ so no one will talk about the other gorilla in the room;

In an interview Monday afternoon, TenHaken said he’s “always looking for different ways to communicate with people,” and said he liked the “pure, 1-on-1 communication” someone could get via a texting service.

“People like to know what’s going on in their city,” he said.

LMFAO! Yeah Paul, I have been asking for almost 4 years! What is going on? Backdoor meetings about bonuses, deals with Sanford, deals with developers, all done in the secrecy of your armed guarded offices. When were you going to drop us a text about over stepping your boundaries and secretly negotiating a bonus for employees from a mystery fund?

Islam added if elected mayor, “I’ll always be transparent about any news involving one of our taxpayer funded buildings.”

Mayoral hopeful David Zokaites had similar concerns, calling it “a disgusting abuse of mayoral privilege.”

David also added this in another interview;

“This is unethical and appalling but not surprising. Sioux Falls government has corruption problems (a massively-overpriced parking garage) and tries to hide bribery (gifts of third party paid travel) ,” Zokaites said in a statement to KELOLAND News. “What’s a little insider information compared to bribery and corruption? Certainly this abuse of insider information should stop immediately and an apology should be issued.”

David is right, this is highly unethical it may even violate campaign rules but that didn’t stop Poops massive ego from spilling out;

TenHaken said in response that in any election with an incumbent, candidates are going to be “envious” of the platform that provides and the advantages that come with it.

“That’s part of what comes with being the existing officeholder,” said TenHaken, adding he remembered the feeling from his run four years ago.

Sounds like something one of his campaign GOONS would write.

First off, the obvious, there were NO incumbents last time around and the other candidates that would have had access to that information certainly didn’t use it to their advantage since they both lost miserably. Secondly, just because you are the current mayor doesn’t give you the right to use information that WE own against your opponents, as Taneeza points out;

“The Premier Center is owned by Sioux Falls taxpayers,” Islam said in a statement.

Any information about what goes on at that facility should be public information shared to everyone at the same time, even if the mayor knows in advance.

As for the comment about being ‘envious’. WOW! You really are more arrogant than I thought. Trust me, I have had a lot of emotions about how you have run this city, like your lack of courage, ethics and transparency when you make decisions. But trust me, I don’t think I have ever been jealous of those qualities, just embarrassed that our city is being run by a bunch of toddlers in a clown car going around a track in a secret room in the basement of city hall. AND I can pretty much guarantee your two opponents are not jealous either.


#1 D@ily Spin on 02.15.22 at 3:09 am

A tweety President and a texty mayor. Will there be a telepathy alien? Speaking is so old fashion.

#2 Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on 02.15.22 at 10:10 am

Aren’t most of the comments on this blog a product of alien telepathy? I know most of mine are.

#3 The Guy From Guernsey on 02.16.22 at 7:46 am

“Aren’t most of the comments on this blog a product of alien telepathy? I know most of mine are.”

This explains it! All of it!

Errantly (apparently) I have thought these blog comments were some sort of rehearsal for a stand up comedy routine by someone suffering from a multi personality disorder.

I am now wondering if the alien contact was part of the 2014 South Dakota Democrat State Convention, as other attendees to that function, including party nominees to state constitutional office, are now also reporting events of conscious contact with aliens.

Albeit my concern for the undiagnosed psychological disorders of posters to this blog, the lede in this storyline …
Was RT Rybak probed by aliens the result of his presence to the 2014 South Dakota Democrat State Convention as keynote speaker?

#4 Further Fear & Loathing on 02.16.22 at 8:49 pm

But is it a personality disorder if you know they all exist? Isn’t it then more like a car collection? Jay Leno has a car collection and he’s a comedian. (What? What the hell?)

I missed the ’14 convention. I had to work. But I once saw a UFO on the way to work there. Does that count?

Probe? Isn’t that a Ford? I see the connection.

Are you saying the aliens preferred Sue over Joe? Perhaps, they tired of the speeches about fighting fires, too. But he did always end them with a comment about teacher pay though.

Oh, and I like the current mayor of Minneapolis. When he speaks, I feel as though I am at a poetry reading. But could that be a disorder, too? The poetry, that is.

#5 Fearing the Fuhrer & More on 02.16.22 at 8:56 pm

Personally, I always enjoyed listening to EF Houghton, poetry or not.