During Poops regularly scheduled monthly appearance* on the Belfrage show he said that just because your appraised value of your home may go up 18% that doesn’t mean your taxes will go up that much. This is true. But what he said next must have been his sad attempt at an April’s Fool’s joke. He proceeded to say that some people’s taxes may go down. Hilarious stuff. The only case where this could even be true is if you move into a special category next year that would qualify you for a tax reduction (senior, disabled veteran, etc.). The only entities in Sioux Falls that are getting (massive) tax breaks are the welfare queen Tifilicious developers and we are all paying higher taxes because of it. My taxes going down . . . my ass!

*This was Greg’s BS excuse to not make it sound like a FREE campaign advert.

One Thought on “Mayor TenHaken’s April Fool’s Joke

  1. Very Stable Genius on April 2, 2022 at 12:03 pm said:

    Can our city fathers and mothers mess with the mill levy though? To keep taxes down, that is? Or, do state statutes prevent this at the local level?

    My taxes went down for this year (2021 paid in 2022), but then I got a 28% assessment increase in the mail for next year. So, I already know what is going to happen to me and many others. They’ll use 2020 numbers (paid in 2021) to compare to 2022 numbers (paid in 2023) to claim a slight increase by ignoring the 2021 reality, which was a reduction. #YouJustWatch

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