Sioux Falls City Council Candidate Merkouris will not protect your right to Public Input

The Sioux Falls Election is bringing out the best of the worst, including this endorsement of taking away citizen rights by City Council candidate and preacher Rich Merkouris was expressing in 2018. 36 Citizens who gave impassioned Public Input on June 12th, 2018 were wrong? They are according to Marshall Selberg and Rick Kiley. The Mayor and 4 Councilors are saying “Stay away from our meetings, quit interfering!” We’d like to say, “Good Bye!” The Mayor is being encouraged to shove our civil rights up our backsides by the TenHaken best friend, Rich Merkouris. The City Council candidate Merkouris who doesn’t want audits of the millions of dollars he has received from the city coffers? Yup.


#1 Very Stable Genius on 04.03.22 at 10:11 am

In 1972, Colorado rejected the ’76 Olympics being placed in their fine state with a referendum. The slogan back then was: “Don’t Californiate Colorado”.

Now, some fifty years later, let’s not let the gay haters, the 1st Amendment haters, the fundamentalists change our city. Thus, our slogan must be: “Don’t Colorado Springs Sioux Falls”.

#2 Steve on 04.03.22 at 10:16 am

Talks just like a wanna be politician. Riding on coattails of friendship to current mayor. Sioux Falls does not need someone like this on city council. Big money is obviously funding his campaign.

#3 Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on 04.03.22 at 12:16 pm

Look into his eyes and you’ll see Dubya…. Come to think of it, wasn’t it Dubya, who once said he saw Putin’s soul in his eyes?

#4 D@ily Spin on 04.03.22 at 2:34 pm

Strong Arm Charter has come to resemble organized crime. There’s a Capo and Lieutenants. They get rich from diverted protection money (aka taxes). The Social Club called Carnegie has become reserved for Made Men. They don’t want Snitches at Public Input. Let them have their way or you’ll be harassed by code enforcement and get unsubstantiated home visits from police.

#5 anominous on 04.04.22 at 10:18 am

jesus he knows me

#6 Warren Phear on 04.04.22 at 8:46 pm

There are several reasons why merkodris is not right for a seat on this council. Separation of church and state comes to mind. For me? Paulson already has one puppet on the council. He does not need to two or three more.