UPDATE: What do we know about David Barranco?

Sioux Falls City Council Candidate David Barranco has said very little about his past during the campaign, which I find bizarre considering he has only lived here a short period of time. Since then (mostly Republicans) have been reaching out to me and their regret in supporting this person initially. There has even been a sitting city councilor questioning their past support. I have encouraged them to reach out to Cody Ingle, get to know him and even better, cut him a donation check.

While I have heard a myriad of rumors, it’s been hard tracking down or verifying some of the accusations. What is mostly surprising from this Texas attorney and textbook author is the several gaps in his professional life that seem to have just disappeared from the internets.

This is what we know so far;

• Moved with his family in the Spring of 2018 to Sioux Falls from San Antonio, TX after selling his home there. Barranco has never given a reason why he decided to leave Texas because . . .

• Has never applied for or attained a SD Bar License and still maintains his practice in the state of Texas where he has his law license.

UPDATE: Someone mentioned to me today that maybe the reason he hasn’t applied for a SD Bar License is because he doesn’t want to submit himself to a background check. This doesn’t mean looking into his personal criminal history or finances but the cases he has handled and his record as an attorney.

• It was discovered in September of 2021 he was past due on his first installment of property taxes.

• He has had two campaign events where he has given away entertainment to kids of supporters.

What I would really love to hear from Mr. Barranco is why did he move to South Dakota if he really has NO intent to practice law here? His wife, as far as I can tell, isn’t pursuing a career here either though she has experience in the corporate world.

While I certainly could care less that David has only lived here 4 years and is interjecting partisan politics in a city race, I will defend his right to run for office, but it would be really nice to know what brought him here and why the sudden interest in local politics and legislating when you don’t make a single dime in this town?

Many have been asking the question. When will our media?

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#1 D@ily Spin on 04.03.22 at 7:36 am

Isn’t it obvious? Flagrant unimpeded corruption in Sioux Falls government makes you wealthy. Particularly, when you know how to maneuver around the law via Strong Arm Charter.