Does the City of Sioux Falls have a plan to solve the housing issue?

I found it strange before the election that all of sudden after 4 years of doing very little to simultaneously solve the affordable housing problem while cleaning up the core and building density the city pulled a plan from their behinds.

As you know, you have heard very little about it except when the Pettigrew Heights Neighborhood Association busted the city trying to plop 14 houses from the Whittier Neighborhood school expansion project in their neighborhood (not select empty lots and condemned home lots but on their green space).

While the city and school district says they have no plans I do know that the association has plenty of evidence otherwise.

I ask if the city has a plan because just a few days ago they posted these two very important positions with the city when it comes to housing. So if there is a plan, who was going to implement it? Who was going to manage it?

Apparently two people who haven’t even been hired yet.

The plan presented before the election was just smoke and mirrors. As I have suggested several times, the administration and 8 councilors had 4 years to come up with something, but now it appears we are back to square one.

Someone yesterday complained to me that they called the city asking when tree damage was going to be picked up in their neighborhood and they would not. Yet many people have reported to me that the city did pick up tree damage in the McKennan park neighborhood. The city did state they would pick up the waste 6-8″ in diameter but you have to call 211.

I told this person, “If the city can’t even pickup tree damage after a major wind storm, don’t expect them to solve the housing crisis.”

While I will cheer them on and applaud them if they do tackle this issue, it’s going to be a heavy lift.


#1 Steve on 05.17.22 at 2:00 pm

This Mayor has had years to be proactive in regards to this issue. He has however, chosen to be slowly reactive. He’ll keep it in granny gear for this term as well, in hopes that someone else will figure it out.

#2 D@ily Spin on 05.17.22 at 2:16 pm

With rising interest rates it’s about a third more for mortgage payments. There will be more people renting. Rents are already unaffordable and rising. The only real answer is subsidized rent. This is federal. City management is obstruction unless the city comes up with enough budget to compliment federal assistance. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

#3 Erica on 05.17.22 at 6:07 pm

D@ily Spin, Govt subsidies create more inflation!
Govt is NOT the solution to the problem(s), especially considering Govt created the problem(s) to begin with. ?

#4 Very Stable Genius on 05.17.22 at 9:06 pm

The Mayor mentioned in debates that the housing crisis is a national problem with national factors involved. Yet, he has organized a task force to deal with the problem locally. Perhaps, that is why members of his local task force have said before the Council their interest in only putting a dent into the problem.