Why did former City Engineer Chad Huwe resign?

Mr. Huwe had been with the city for 14 years and managed many large projects for the city. It seemed odd when he left in October with that kind of tenure. Normally a public employee who has made it that far down the road will stick around for at least 20 years or more.

We also know that a lot of management have left over the past 4 years without much explanation (Housing director, IT Director, Deputy COS, two Fire Chiefs, Police Chief, Health Director, Planning Director, Chief Cultural Officer, etc, etc.) While rumors tend to swarm like flies on turds, a reliable source told me that Huwe did indeed resign, and it wasn’t because he planned on moving to the private sector or that he was pressured to resign but likely due to a disagreement.

I’m still digging around and hopefully will have more information soon.


#1 D@ily Spin on 06.05.22 at 9:17 am

Apparently, City of Sioux Falls is not something you’d want on your resume.

#2 "Woodstock" on 06.05.22 at 2:42 pm

“Maybe we could use a Chief of Culture after all…. “

#3 Chicken time on 06.05.22 at 6:47 pm

It might be hard to be a member of the Dutch Mafia and have culture.

#4 Mike Lee Zitterich on 06.06.22 at 12:02 am

Good, it helps maintains the urge to keep more power in the private sector, allows for greater transparency, Anand helps to keep lower wages at the public sector.

#5 Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on 06.06.22 at 9:06 am

Can a culture be based on wooden shoes, some dikes, and a red district? #HeinekenIsAllTheyGot #AndOrangeCity