Former South Dakota blogger nails Sioux Falls government in one sentence

Tim has decided to leave SD;

Sadly, I have to admit I’d come to regard South Dakota with Contempt. I’ve been “Noemed” and “wing nutted” to death. It’s simply no longer the state I’ve known for more than half a century.

I would agree with Tim this is not the state I grew up in, one-party rule has destroyed any hopes of progression or freedom. It really has become an authoritarian regime from the top down. I have told many people when I retire, the only part of Scott that will be living in SD is a mail box.

…And while it may be the case in many cities, Sioux Falls kowtows to developers and the financially well-off. There’s little concern for what the citizens want and little to no transparency.

Sioux Falls government has really become a plutocracy (a country or society governed by the wealthy.) When you have a newly elected councilor (Merkouris) having to ask the city’s emergency manager who writes policy (tornado sirens) and that manager responding ‘the mayor’s office’ you really start scratching your head as to why we even have a city council when the dictator and mostly the deputy mayor is calling the shots. (FF 47:20)


#1 Very Stable Genius on 07.14.22 at 6:56 pm

I am going to stay. I enjoy being a fifth column in a land of four pillars of protection.

#2 Corn Dogger on 07.14.22 at 10:29 pm

Lefties continue to show how out of touch with reality they are! Trump won, and Miley promised to move to Canada. Unfortunately, shes still here. You will be too! If you do choose to move to a crime infested, mask wearing “woke” community, (try Baltimore or Portland). I’m quite sure within a few days you’ll be longing for Sunny Sioux Falls again.

#3 Very Stable Genius on 07.15.22 at 6:57 am

“Trump won” my ass! What you Trump fools don’t understand is that Trump barely won in ’16 and he barely lost in ’20. If you mess with about 78000 votes from ’16, then Hillary would have won the electoral college. If you mess with about 43000 votes in ’20, then Trump would have won the electoral college. We are all quite familiar with Bush winning by less than 600 votes in Florida to garner those electoral college votes to win the presidency, but did you know that if you messed with, I think it was 27000 votes in Ohio and Mississippi in ’76, that then Ford would have beat Carter? Or, that if you messed with less than 20000 votes in ’60, that Nixon would have beat Kennedy in the electoral college?

The Trump electoral experience is the reality of two close elections (in the electoral college) in a time when our nation is polarized and where the antiquated electoral college empowers a declining class of people (white people) to overthink their prevalence and relevance, which then only further fuels their conspiratorial tendencies like claiming they won an election they didn’t.
And this reality is further substantiated by the fact in the other aforementioned elections, the popular vote between the two major candidates was much closer than it was in ’16 and ’20.

Oh, and I might also add, that if the Democrats stole 2020, don’t you think they would have done a better job of “stealing” Wisconsin? Biden only won Wisconsin by about 20000 votes when the Biden camp thought they had Wisconsin by 100000.

Now, it turned out they didn’t need Wisconsin because of Georgia and Arizona, but then again, if they were into “stealing” wouldn’t they have done a better job “stealing” Georgia and Arizona, then by the razor thin margins which Biden carried those two states?


#4 Tax Cheat on 07.15.22 at 10:26 am

Keeping a mail box in SD to skirt paying taxes in the blue utopia you retire to? How progressive of you.

#5 l3wis on 07.15.22 at 10:53 am

I have no intention of moving anywhere, I plan to travel all over without a permanent location. I also feel that paying taxes in this state for over 60 years will suffice paying my dues. I also will not be immune to paying federal taxes. The one thing I admired about my great uncle who retired in his 50’s (he was a retirement home developer in Arizona) was him and my aunt bought a small Toyota RV and traveled the entire country and when they were done with that they traveled the world. I think they made it to every continent. I feel sorry for people who are able bodied in their retirement and they go nowhere and do nothing except watching FOX news all day.

#6 D@ily Spin on 07.15.22 at 12:38 pm

I’ve travelled for retirement but stopped. It would seem there’s always airport trama. When flights are cancelled, hotels fill with flight crews and passengers sleep in the terminal. I’d thought about an RV. Gas is expensive. Campgrounds are booked or pricey. I’d thought about driving with hotels. Room tax and resort fees makes overnights twice the price. For now I stay home but make short trips.

Normally, one would leave a state favoring job opportunity and cost of living somewhere else. That’s available here but you must accept the oligarchy of city government. I moved to a neighboring city where there’s still democracy. It’s amazing how much better it is living in a free society. Try it. It’s like a full pardon from a crime you didn’t commit.

Restoring democracy in Sioux Falls can happen with a new charter. It’s proven not possible with petition and voter process. What must happen is SD Supreme Court or FBI intervention.

#7 D@ily Spin on 07.16.22 at 2:45 pm

If people fear government it’s tyranny.
If government fears people it’s liberty.

#8 rufusx on 07.16.22 at 8:32 pm

“…The wealthy, therefore, would be outvoted in a democratic system and government would be overrun by the majority of working people. To prevent the working class from attaining political power and expropriating the property and wealth of the rich (‘an agrarian law’), we have to wisely ensure that government protect the minority of the rich against the majority of the poor.”–James Madison, 1787 while debating the constitution

And thus was birthed the Republic, and the Electoral college.

#9 Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on 07.17.22 at 11:02 pm

That Madison quote would be very fitting on the exterior wall of one of our local trust companies, don’t you think?

Some trust laws are like the Electoral College, where you allow some to hide from reality and still succeed.

#10 VSG on 07.17.22 at 11:40 pm

Actually, the Electoral College has gone from protecting a wealth class to protecting a race class (Whites). But since some fear Critical Race Theory, I guess we can’t talk about that, can we?