As discussed earlier in the week, DTSF wants an increase to their special tax. But if you read the agenda item (Resolution #64). You will notice there is NO mention of an increase, just a renewal;

Section 1. That the 2022 special assessment roll for the Main Street Business Improvement District in the City of Sioux Falls, SD, is hereby approved. The assessment as set out in said special assessment roll approved this date is hereby levied against the property described therein and becomes a lien against such property upon filing of said special assessment roll in the City Finance Office.

I find it curious that The Dakota Scout brought this story forward with NO prior presentation or explanation from the city. So will there be an increase? And if so why is it NOT on the agenda?

DTSF has been trying to convey that need to its members who are subject to the special assessment. And earlier this year, the Main Street BID Board, made up of property owners and other downtown stakeholders, unanimously recommended the proposal be carried forward to the City Council.

Okay. So when was the public going to be told? One minute before the vote? Ridiculous.

By l3wis

6 thoughts on “Downtown Sioux Falls Bid Tax increase has no explanation on the agenda”
  1. Is a special tax like a special sauce? And, if I go to McDonalds, can I ask for a renewal on it – like more tartar at Long John Silver’s – or is that only with a soft drink?

  2. This is to be reimbursed for services rendered, per the 2002 BID budget. It’s the same process as it has been in place for 33 years.

    The BID Growth Plan is another issue that I will present to City Council at its informational meeting on September 13. Council will consider an ordinance later this year. You can learn more at

  3. Every September, the City Council passes a resolution to approve the amount of revenue generated from the BID assessment. This will reimburse DTSF Inc. for services rendered YTD and make DTSF whole for services yet to come by year end, as proposed in the 2022 BID budget.

    The City Council is NOT voting to change the assessment formula on September 6. The BID Growth Plan will be presented at the informational meeting on September 13. Council will consider a ordinance change later this year. Call me if you have any questions. Thanks.

  4. I will follow with interest Mr. Batcheller’s presentation to the Council on Sept. 13.

    Especially given the increases in property valuations over the past 2-3 years alone, the caps in the DTSF BID tax program are obsolete.

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