I am opposed to anymore packing plants in Sioux Falls and think a better approach would be chiding Smithfield to leave downtown Sioux Falls for good. But I also don’t believe in fairytales.

Since the beginning of this process I have been adamant that there is little the city council and mayor can do to stop this, and the Chamber pretty much simplified the reasons why;

The people of Sioux Falls approved our city’s current zoning ordinances by 65% in April of 2014.

This was AFTER the city council had already approved it and the citizens referred it to a vote. I voted against Shape Places because it removed many crucial conditional use directives the council used to be able to apply to projects. I believe that if Shape Places was never implemented, we may not have seen a council approval of a new packing plant because there would have been public meetings to address the conditional uses.

You get what you ask for.

Unlike Noem, I applaud the initiative process in this matter (even though this should have been a Charter Amendment that would have forced a special election within in 90 days of certification of signatures). It would have given WF little time to react with a grandfather trick.

I expect, even with the passage of this measure, that there will be some court challenges.

By l3wis

4 thoughts on “Sioux Falls Chamber admits Shape Places screwed the pooch on Wholestone Foods project”
  1. Shape Places sounds like a new fitness center located in Taupeville, like maybe near OrangeTheory. Where they take your money, but you are still fat months later. Which is unlike developments around here, where the developers are fat and take your money.

  2. Smart Growth Sioux Falls has yet to file required campaign finance reports with the City Clerk’s Office.
    Young Mr Robert Peterson needs to be reminded that running the treasury for a ballot question committee, perhaps an excercise in vanity to protect the parochial interest of the original ethanol subsidy socialist, comes with adult responsibilities.
    Show us the money, Bobby! Then everybody in the City will know “why?” (Or at least “who”).

  3. Simply delicious that the most complete news reporting in this issue is coming from Patrick Lalley – now writing for Forum News Service.
    Without this reporting who would know that Steve Kirby has backed away from his opposition to this project; that the CEO of Special Olympics South Dakota has been reminded that he can’t render his personal opinion as a reflection of an entire organization.
    The most insightful perspective of the underbelly of the chamber cronies in Sioux Falls found in news offered in Mitchell, SD and North Dakota!

  4. Our governor hates it when citizens vote. She’s a shameful big government monger who claims to be a conservative.

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