What were the results of the Sioux Falls neighborhood grant program?

The city decided after spray painting over 2,000 sidewalks in central lower income neighborhoods they would take some of that Covid money to give grants to homeowners to fix sidewalks the CITY OWNS! That’s right, you had to apply for a grant to fix THEIR property. Seems reasonable 🙁

The city said a homeowner could apply for UP to $5,000 and it could be used for needed home repairs also.

So I am curious when community development, code enforcement and planning will present us with the results;

• How many applicants applied?

• How many received the grants?

• How many used the entire $5,000?

• How many used it for ONLY city owned sidewalk repairs?

• How many used it for either both home and sidewalk repairs?

• How many ONLY used it for home repairs?

The results will be interesting, we will see how well their scheme to use Covid money to fix city owned sidewalks worked out.

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#1 Fear & Loathinig in Sioux Falls on 09.06.22 at 4:38 pm

Ain’t this socialism?