New South Dakota DSS director has history of trying to cover up abuse

Don’t take my word for it, listen and read this interview done in 2017;

After the priest council got her letter, Matt Althoff and Diocese Attorney Dan Fritz called for a meeting with Cindy, which she also secretly recorded on her phone. 

“You are the victim of sexual harassment,” Althoff said in the recording.  “And you are the victim of somebody that crossed professional boundaries.” 

“And Matt said to me if I sent another report, I lose my job,” Cindy said. 

“Let me tell you… I don’t like to be threatening. But because it’s an employee situation. I think now that we have this established arrangement or understanding, you need to understand (Cindy) that that complicates the church’s ability to employ you if you disobey that. If you continue to send things out,” Althoff said in the recording.  

Besides Althoff clearly defending the abuser I have heard he has taken similar stances while defending the current mismanagement of the Bishop Dudley house, unfortunately I can’t get anyone to go on record to verify these accusations but it seems people need to start recording convos with this guy.

This isn’t the first time the SD Catholic Diocese has attempted to infiltrate state government. Back in 2008 they recruited John Madigan to register as a fake Democrat in District 15 while trying to keep his profession as the Diocese employee a secret. They failed.

Maybe Kenneke can make a guest appearance and refresh the memories of KELOLANDERS and Althoff’s past guidance in the Diocese. Not sure having a person who defends sexual predators is the best person to run DSS. What’s next? Appointing Ravnsborg to run the DOT?


#1 Very Stable Genius on 01.02.23 at 1:10 pm

The other Sunday, I felt guilty for not going to church. So, I decided to turn on some local church TV to compensate. I picked the Catholics just for fun. I married a Catholic. I was named after a Catholic. My eldest child was baptized Catholic. So, heck why not? But then immediately the local Bishop started railing on transgenders and how there are only two sexes, which caused me to immediately end that experience and instead watch some old former NFL players, with gaudy suits, talk about the upcoming games for that Sunday. But yet, I kept thinking about that Bishop and how Pope Francis a few years ago said that when it comes to gays, it is not for him to judge. So, shouldn’t that standard apply to transgenders as well? Then later on, I learned how our local, beautiful, cathedral, which I was married in some 35 years ago, too, was built with the financial help of the Astor family, after a member of that family spent some time in Sioux Falls so they could get a quickie divorce back in the day. Then after learning of all of that, the quantum nature of Catholicism began to come into full consciousness for me, but is that a justified excuse? #Duality #Superposition

( and Woodstock adds: “‘Duality’?”…. “That sounds good to me…. 😉 (…. “and what position?”….. 🙂 ))

#2 "Woodstock" on 01.03.23 at 2:14 pm

“The Republicans are imploding right now in the US House”…. “When they do finally pick a speaker, however, will we know by some white smoke?”….. #Mulligans #PackWithADevil

#3 Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on 01.04.23 at 8:45 am

“Pack”? #WarsawPack?

#4 D@ily Spin on 01.04.23 at 2:22 pm

The Catholic Church seems to have lost reputability and support. Nostradamus suggested the church would fail. It started in the 17th cantury. Upper level clergy had orgys with young nuns. One pope had a previous pope exhumed from the grave to stand trial and be executed. How do you kill someone dead? Later failures were during and soon after WW2. They hid Nazi assets and provided passports for German fugitives. The Vatican Bank went nearly bankrupt from corruption. The mafia hung the CEO from a bridge. Stances on birth control and same sex marriage lost parishioners. Sex scandals with young boys have kept them in court. A recent Pope resigned prompting questions of irregularity.

If you haven’t looked at other religions. It’s time. I visited several Buddhist temples. The monks are receptive, friendly, and pious. Not my choice but I respect their faith. It seems to me most faiths are one god. For now I’ll consider myself Agnostic.

#5 SoDakTruth on 01.05.23 at 8:15 am

I had no idea about any of this with Matt’s background. No other media outlet the covert him getting the position mentioned this. Thank you very much.

#6 D@ily Spin on 01.05.23 at 8:56 pm

Native Americans burned their furniture to stay warm during subzero temperatures. I thought it was for the white smoke to decide a new Governor.

#7 VSG on 01.06.23 at 1:46 pm

But only a white man makes white smoke at his own peril:

#8 Ksara on 01.06.23 at 4:59 pm

My only question is who hurt you that you have to still be bashing a man for running for a small district election back in 2008???

#9 l3wis on 01.06.23 at 10:57 pm

Just pointing out the history of the SD Diocese and their quest to be politically active. That cartoon is 15 years old. I think it is time the IRS looks into the Diocese and their non-profit status.