Sioux Falls Burger Battle goes Beefless?

Not quite, BUT the traditional rules are being bent a bit this year.

I asked DTSF recently about the traditional rule of having a beef patty base and if that still applies? They told me that since the Cattleman’s Foundation no longer sponsors the event they have dropped those parameters.

Good to know. I have bugged DTSF for years to bend the rules anyway and allow restaurants to make their burger patty out of any protein base (fish, fowl, beef, pork, lamb, plant, wild game, etc.) can you imagine the concoctions? Nothing beats a lamb burger with tzatziki and feta!

This year one participant is offering a 100% Bison patty (don’t get it cooked over medium rare, or it will taste like a shoe) and another participant, while using beef, is offering a sloppy joe on a hoagie.

Like I said, I am all for dropping the beef patty rule, but it would have been nice to know that before this year’s battle has begun, you wonder what if the participants knew?


#1 Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on 01.04.23 at 2:54 pm

Has a German ever won a pizza contest?

#Sauerkraut&WeinersPizza #HamburgerPizza #TheGermanShepherd

#2 The Guy From Guernsey on 01.04.23 at 11:43 pm

“… a sloppy joe on a hoagie”

Absent the tomato-based sauce of a sloppy joe, this sounds like the makings of a potential winning 2023 entry, the Rosanne Barr.

In Muscatine, known as a loose meat sandwich; in Sioux City and the surrounding area, known as a tavern.

#3 The Guy From Guernsey on 01.04.23 at 11:49 pm

The Rosanne Barr – a 2024 Burger Battle entry.

Would you believe I haven’t written the date on any checks yet this calendar year?

#4 Further Fear & Loathing on 01.05.23 at 1:46 pm

I always knew them as a barbecue or a sloppy Joe, but then I went to junior high school and they offered us a “tavern”, and I was like what is that, a beer sandwich?… That sounds pretty German to me….

Everyone should try the Rosanne Barr/Trump appetizer as well… It’s (It was) a precursor to what’s to come…. So, make sure you know where the nearest Johnny is located….. 🙂

Time is relative. Just ask Kevin McCarthy.

I’ve always found the term loose meat sandwich to be disgusting. That sounds more like a chauvinist’s caricature of someone on the beach, if you ask me.

#5 Fearing the Fuhrer & More on 01.05.23 at 1:56 pm

“…. a sloppy Joe on a hoagie” is just wrong. “the loose meat” should only be placed on a hamburger bun, or on some of Eddie Murphys mom’s Wonder Bread.

AND, what is this chili dog nonsense? If you want a hot dog, then get a hot dog. If you want chili, then have some chili. Mixing them together shows disrespect and a potential mess which is much greater than any “loose meat” congregation… Many like a Chicago dog, too, I prefer a South Sioux City dog, however, myself…. But we will just leave it at that and your imagination…..:

#6 "Woodstock" on 01.05.23 at 3:06 pm

“….Speaking of checks, has anyone texted Herschel yet about it being 2023?”…..

#7 Sick of Fearing on 01.05.23 at 3:40 pm

Putting the chili on first, then the frank helps, but such a combination is usually still a real mess. Because, there’s nothing worse than having such a combination spill on your new, white, Ralph Lauren polo shirt – while at a Canaries game – that you just bought for your first date since your recent divorce…. #TaupevilleProblems #ButHeDrivesAReallyBigBlackSUV

#8 Gaye Wead on 01.05.23 at 4:01 pm

I couldn’t resist:

#9 D@ily Spin on 01.05.23 at 8:37 pm

It’s just me but the best burger I’ve had is a fast food Whataburger. It’s a chain in the southwest. I’m old enough to remember 10 burgers for a dollar. They weren’t big and they weren’t good but you got 10. Northeast types rave about White Castle burgers. They don’t get out much.

#10 Very Stable Genius on 01.05.23 at 10:03 pm

Whataburger is good, but the best is California’s In-N-Out Burger. White Castle is like Nick’s in Brookings. But WC has a hole in the middle of the burger and you can buy them in the freezer section at Walmart:

( and Woodstock adds: “Whatever happened to the good old truck stop burger and fries?”….. (…. “I think de-regulation killed it”…. ))