City Employees getting a raise

I was glad to see that most city union employees are getting a raise (Resolutions 41-44).

While the police, fire and regular staff are getting a 6.5% COLA, council employees are getting 3.5%.

This really could have been negotiated last Fall when the administration knew there was high inflation. Instead they screwed around with a bonus before the election and now this first quarter raise.

Like I said, it is good to see this is happening as our city employees are taxpayer assets that need to be taken care of, I just don’t understand the piece meal approach.


#1 D@ily Spin on 03.04.23 at 10:14 am

Hard to admit (me especially) but raises are needed. Cost of living goes up faster than can be salaries corrected. The council should just stay home. They’re not needed for Strong Mayor Charter. Instead of ‘Present’ call in with ‘Not Guilty’.

#2 I'm Proof on 03.08.23 at 9:55 pm

I know a few departments in the city were hurting badly for members as a large part of us left. The same year the mayor tried to sneak a substantial raise in for himself then the rest of us got a 2% col raise. I’ll admit it, I could have stuck it out but left for greener pastures. There was a LOT of talent leaving especially since Minnehaha & the state got a 6% raise. I’m happy they all got raises, maybe the city can keep some of the young talent.