There has been some chatter over the past couple of days that people will be speaking tonight at the council meeting over some controversial items. First is Item #110;

The purpose of this application is to allow the development of an institutional use over two stories tall.

This is a rezone to build the new state offices in a consolidated area next to Dawley Farm on the east side;

Advocates, The state plans to consolidate its various services into a “One-Stop” location.  That’s a fine idea, but the location is highly problematic: the far east side of town, far from the city center, far from other services people need.
    Here’s a KELO article on this:    Sure, it’s move by the state, but our City Council cares about quality-of-life situations for the people of our city. At their meeting tomorrow(Tue) at 6pm, they can make the state take another look for the One-Stop location by not accepting the zoning change.    YOU can weigh in by (1) Coming to City Council meeting, 235 West Tenth St. and/or (2) Contacting city council members:

Obviously the new location also has issues with public transit.

The 2nd item has to do with alcohol licensing of a Lucky Lady’s Casino on the Loop that has been very troublesome. Item #19, Exhibit B on the consent agenda, MG Oil, Lucky Lady 1 & 2. I am of the understanding that between 4-6 councilors support pulling the licenses due to being a public nuisance. The council can reject a license based on suitable owner and suitable location.

One Thought on “Sioux Falls City Council to be hopping tonight

  1. Dumb Move on May 2, 2023 at 6:01 pm said:

    Since they want to move all the State’s social services to a location where none of their clients live, maybe we can move The Banquet to Renner?

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