UPDATE II: I think the vote tonight will be an incredibly low turnout. Some have predicted about 2,000 but I think it will be closer to 6,000. I also think Johnson will win by over 60% of the vote. Hopefully the results come in quickly so Brian’s wife can get pack to dishes and laundry.

UPDATE: I am encouraging people to vote for Johnson. After hearing Mattson’s radio ads about supporting the new social studies standards I just can’t support a Noem puppet.

The ‘Man-Splaining’ video didn’t help matters either;

It has been a very long time since I have looked at a local election ballot and had trouble picking a candidate. This happened when I early voted last week. I voted for Johnson, but almost voted for Mattson.

I ultimately picked Johnson based solely on experience. But I really liked Mattson’s stance on fiscal responsibility, and that he understands the Constitution and 1st Amendment 🙂

I guess what I am saying is this is a NON-endorsement, I think both candidates are equally qualified and having either one serve would be an asset to Sioux Falls.

For once we had a real choice!

By l3wis

13 thoughts on “UPDATE II: Sioux Falls School Board Candidates equally qualified”
  1. Mattson looks like the kind of guy who would enjoy Pizza Ranch with Mike.

  2. I see that Mattson now has signs which claim him to be the only Republican candidate in a non partisan race. We’ll see if this works. If you remember right, Jamison tried this same stunt against Huether back in ’14 to no avail.

  3. we don’t need the maga’s on the school board. today after work, his people were in the parking lot at work holding signs.

  4. Besides the 6% turnout and over 70% of the vote Johnson got, there is something else to look at. Notice there is NO precincts north of Russell and many SE addresses cannot vote. I think Mattson would have gotten more votes if SE could vote in the school election.

  5. I saw Mattson and Manny Steele waiving at traffic at 5pm last night on the corner of 57th & Western. Wrong place, wrong time, wrong candidate. They can both go back to their caves now.

  6. Johnson was the perfect candidate. She had the backing of LEAD, the Democrats, and the educational community here in town. While Mattson had his elephant hat and a non establishment approach in an election where only the establishment and its followers for the most part vote.

    I thought this election would be closer, however, because of misogyny and racism, but Johnson ran a good campaign and Mattson’s name ID claim too late, and those who voted, voted for the most part beyond any dark attitudes and thank goodness for that.

    Low turn out will always benefit the educational community and their agenda. That’s why it’s important for there to be consistency with the precinct approach, which there is not, and there’s a need to place elections like this one during primary or general elections.

    Mattson, like Jamison once, proved once again that people do not like candidates clinging on to their party affiliation in non partisan races. But will the lesson ever be learned by some Republicans?

  7. In the run-up to the 2022 Sioux Falls school board election, local media coverage was nearly non-existent such that the South Dacola blog headlined, “Did anybody even know there was a Sioux Falls School Board election?”

    The 2023 Sioux Falls School Board election brought more than a fair amount of media coverage.

    Why was that? Is it more than The Dakota Scout (or Sioux Falls Live) effect?

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