Besides the city being run(?) by a successful marketing mogul and international doxxing champion 🙁 they have a fully operational and funded media department, Convention and Visitors Bureau, Development Foundation and Chamber (FULL DOC);

The function of city government is not to MARKET the city but to INFORM the citizens. We need a media department, it is very important, but they are not a cheerleading squad they are more like a librarian.

By l3wis

2 thoughts on “Why is the City of Sioux Falls hiring a marketing firm?”
  1. Marketing what? They spend three quarters of a billion on ridiculously overpriced schemes with add on skims. The only market is the organized syndicate that deserves federal investigation and intervention.

  2. We need this marketing because everything is now an illusion. Our democracy is no longer real, rather it’s just a fantasy posted on social media. Even our governmental units at all levels now use social media to disseminate info, but what happened to the old press secretary? We are no longer led or misled by a Ron Ziegler, but rather fooled by an emotional Tweet, which then gets our bloods flowing and either divides and conquers or encourages some to try to conquer.
    Some may call it real time, but it’s actually reality tv governance, where even with a writers’ strike the dissemination still flows, while the cogs of democracy have become stationary and our leaders are happy with a broken clock which is briefly right just two times a day, while the public becomes clueless to its true reality in more ways than one.

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