UPDATE: Here is a copy of the filing. Interesting stuff;

UPDATE II: I recommend that you read paragraphs 23-25 and 40-70. This is most of the COMPLAINT. The accusations made by the plaintiff must be proven if it goes to trial. I have a feeling the lawyers will hash this out before it goes to court. The plaintiff is asking for $1.5 million dollars, which I thought was low considering the accusations and lost business.

Upon information and belief, Mayor TenHaken sought retaliation against Sundance for seeking termination of the Restatement Agreement because accessible housing was a key tenet of TenHaken’s “2026 Housing Action Plan,” which was central to TenHaken’s 2022 reelection campaign. Originally pitched in 2019 as a $1 million fund that would help neighborhoods become or remain affordable, the City had yet to get money into the fund as of May 2021, with TenHaken saying the plan had missed its mark.

Well, it was only a matter of time before something like this happened;

I am awaiting more details (like the actual filing itself) but as I understand it from a source it involves the city withholding building occupancy permits for affordable housing units. Like I said, there are more moving parts.


In a strange gifting agreement, Lowe’s charity wing of the company has gifted the tiny home community $300K, which is great, but what about some other worthy housing charities in town? Also, what happened to the agreement with the city? A councilor told me last week that since we were above and beyond our original agreement they have to rework the contract. We will see.

They released their 2023 IMPACT REPORT.


Would have been nice to get a formal presentation on this (Item #38) which appears to be the SFPD bailing out DCI when they need to crack some drug dealing heads together. So is the state reimbursing the taxpayers of Sioux Falls for our assistance outside of city limits? And how does that even work? Of course the devil is likely in the details, read full document here.


The line item above in the consent agenda is only for consulting and administrative costs. If you ballpark a normal 10% fee that would tell me the city is getting ready to buy about $500K in caulk to fix that POS tin can when their really needs to be an entire replacement. I wonder what the engineers will find? Is there enough caulk (lipstick) to make the Denty stop crying black chemical tears?

Speaking of that old rich fart, I see he surprised everyone last week with a gift to the Zoo of $25 million. As if it was going to be anyone else?! With a gift like that you would think they are building him some kind of permanent memorial . . . I know, I almost went there 🙂

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10 thoughts on “UPDATE II: City of Sioux Falls gets hit with Federal Civil Rights Case, and other fun stuff!”
  1. “‘Joint Powers Agreement’?”….. “But isn’t that when a bunch of state Republican bigwigs gets together with the DWC, smoke some stuff, and decide what kind of propaganda they can spread next to South Dakota’s multitude of conservative fools?”….

  2. The British are holding a national election on July 4th. They’re just doing this to be rude.

  3. So many contracts issued without getting bids. Does someone get kick-backs at the city with this? I don’t know many municipalities in the country that do this hand out to friends for professional services contracts. Why isn’t there a requirement to get low bid, or multiple bids?

  4. “… with TenHaken saying the plan had missed its mark.”

    Another way for PTH to say, “The money wasn’t going to make it to the pockets of those I had intended.”

  5. TenHaken … petty and vindictive !?!?
    No way! I can’t believe that!

  6. ‘Build it but build it outside city limits’. Someone didn’t tell Sundance they must pad personal pockets at city hall. The going rate for a Certificate of Occupancy is 5 figures each and 3X more for the mayor. Unless you’re Lloyd, there’s so many processes at city hall nothing gets done. Least of all, low income housing. The city got into another real estate deal. They suck at each and every occurrence. There will be an unexplained budget line with millions to settle. With a 3/4 billion budget, it hardly hurts. However, this is a private project with extortion potential. The mayor is not immune like Trump. There could be private litigation after the end of his term.

  7. What’s the difference between a politician and a mobster?

    A politician has family money, went to the best college but nearly failed, raped women but it got covered up, didn’t serve in the military, sells out for political contributions, boasts about what is really a lie, etc..

    A mobster grew up in a slum that politicians promised to improve, lived on school green baloney, slugged sexual deviats, enlisted in the military but beat up the sergeant and dishonorably discharged, robbed banks but not citizens, etc.

    Insofar as respect, neither.

  8. Does anyone else notice that the highest paid city directors and officers, are also the same people you never hear from in the news or on city channels? Easy roles to be in to manage others, but not do any work yourself.

  9. Thanks for posting the court filing papers.
    Equal portions of incompetence, as well as sinister and unethical actions on the part of unelected City bureaucrats.
    The whole lot of these City bureaucrats are a bunch of peckerwood posers bringing incompetence and arrogance to the table in real estate deals in which they have no business participating.
    Arrogant amateurs costing the City taxpayers money … again … on every side of the “deals” which they make.

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