Seems odd that they have been talking (privately) about purchasing the Sanford Wellness Facility for years (according to councilor Soehl) yet no one discussed the operating expenses.

I will give you a funny example. A few years back a gentleman came to the zoning board for an adjustment so he could expand his garage (wanted to make it longer). I think the board denied the request after his reason for the expansion. He bought a new truck and it didn’t fit in the garage.

The Sanford facility isn’t a good fit for the city and we should have NEVER purchased it until we ran the operating expenses. We bought a big truck that doesn’t fit in the fricking garage.

Maybe we need to have the zoning board making these decisions instead of a bunch of green horn councilors. They seem to understand the concept of the cart before the horse.


Speaking of our Parks System, I have been seeing a trend lately, adults that should know better riding electric foot scooters on the rec trail without an ADA pass. Keep horsing around with the wrong mobility devices on the trail and the next thing you know the only thing that will be permitted is the golf cart tours from the nursing home downtown (they do this quite often).

Abuse a right and watch it disappear.

By l3wis

5 thoughts on “City of Sioux Falls should have figured out operating costs before purchasing Sanford Facility”
  1. As soon as Jaunt offers these e-scooters, then I’m confident they’ll be made legal.

  2. Like I said in my comments on this before the park board members from Sanford are telling don and his little assistant director what to do here. Big mistake and the city has no experience running an actual gym.

  3. A city gym sounds ghetto, and how do we know they won’t place an extraordinary rendition site there?

  4. Speaking of the Park System, I have seen a trend lately of adults riding Class II E bikes on on the Recreation Trail without permission.
    Keep messing around with the wrong mobility devices and after 2 years of ignoring the rules, E Scooters will be allowed just like the “ we can’t stop the ClassI II
    E Bikes “ happened.
    But wait…. We’re really serious this time…….

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