We could of had THIS, but instead opted for a color fart (I am linking the image because I don’t have permission to post).

I was told this is a smaller version of what was going to be done on the Bunker Ramp and some changes were made, but very little.

So I ask Mayor Poops the question, what is racist or inappropriate about this image? NOTHING. Heck, the most famous museum in the United States didn’t seem to have a problem with it. I have a feeling that the image wasn’t ‘vanilla’ enough.

Poops, your family nickname says it best, you are full of it.

Here is my drawing I did after I got descriptions of the mural, I am not off by to much, LOL.

By l3wis

3 thoughts on “Bunker Ramp CENSORED mural gets reused in DC at the Smithsonian”
  1. “I still think they should have painted on the side of the Bunker Ramp: ‘Dillard’s!… It’s finally open!’…. “

  2. Anything but TenHaken color block!
    What citizens want only happens when Native Americans watch buffaloes fly.

    Looks like Demo will be Harris/Biden. A minority woman president speaks for a large block of voters and might garner sector republicans. Biden on the sidelines would be an excellent advisor for what Kamala lacks.

  3. Did you see that Mayor Poops is pissed that what is left of our local media didn’t just post his press release about tonight’s fireworks? They had the nerve to call him and ask him questions!

    When will these jackasses understand that press releases are not actual news stories? Yeah, I know that for decades our media has treated too many of them as actual news, but press releases are to alert the media to stories they want covered.

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