Poops is at it again, chairing an anti-tax cut initiative, which is highly unethical;

Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken is now the chair of a statewide ballot question committee called South Dakotans Against a State Income Tax.

There won’t a state income, typical chicken little crap from these folks. I may vote against the measure but not because I don’t support it, but because our spineless, very uncreative, gutless morons we call our legislature will just increase sales taxes on everything else essentially burdening us with higher taxes on other goods.

There will never be a state income tax and Poops knows it. They will lie their way out of this one just like they did on Rec MJ. The truth is NEVER on Poops side.

By l3wis

7 thoughts on “Maybe the City of Sioux Falls could afford eliminating food tax revenue if they weren’t spending so much money on lawsuits”
  1. We’ve always had a state income tax in this state. The inherently low wages in this state, which to a large degree are the result of wage collusion, have been an income tax upon average South Dakotans for decades.

  2. “….According to the attorney general’s explanation, human consumption is not defined by state law, but the common definition includes more than foods and drinks. The explanation says judicial or legislative clarification of the measure will be necessary….”

    But can we do this? AND, if so, then why wasn’t this done when confronted with the definition of “state business”?

    Also, don’t you love how Republicans were silent to this overall issue when Noem supported it in 2022, but as soon as a left of center organization supports it in 2024, then Republicans come out of the wall in opposition to ending the food tax.


  3. “But doesn’t the Mayor or Governor have immunity for ‘official acts’, so they can just create a food tax again, if they want to?”…..

  4. The solution to this would be perhaps to cut spending, but our MAGA leadership won’t even consider that. We must have a billion dollar prison industry, we must have everything that annoys them illegal, we must have every crime result in locking people in a box and having them work for free. We must have a state plane and national guard to be used for publicity stunts. We must keep expanding our police force (municipal, sheriff, state trooper, DCI), how much will be enough? We must continue to use the remaining money on “economic development” for our cronies to profit from. We must hand down the keys to the next in line for leadership, which has been meticulously planned since Mickelson.

  5. Wouldn’t no food tax force the poor to work for less? If the state has excess revenue, send residents a proportional refund. There are lots of illegal immigrants. The only tax they pay is on food. They’ll never pay food, state, or federal income tax. We must pay food tax to get tax from them for our partial refund.

    Make America Irate Again (MAIA). Seems like federal, state, and local.

  6. typical political hack lying their ass off, who wouldn’t want to cut a regressive tax, the state is in such good shape they say but they can not cut any taxes.. such bs…

  7. “So who exactly do you think owns this newspaper besides Jonathan and I?”

    that didn’t age well.

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