UPDATE: Looks like the Sioux Falls School Board is just as ignorant as the city council, approving the Dakota Scout as their legal paper. I know how this scenario is going to play out, the AG is probably currently writing an opinion that exonerates the city and any other entity from wrongdoing. The problem is that the AG is NOT a judge and doesn’t run a court of law, he is essentially an armchair judge and has NO legal authority in this matter except to prosecute.

Mike Zitterich made this comment on the Scab and he makes a good point, they were printing legal notices before July 1st. The law didn’t go into effect until then, so how could they be following state law? It’s clear it was broken;

Do not take this out of context, I am a huge fan of the Dakota Scout, and I am proud that we rewarded the city contract to them, however, the Argus may actually have a real clear, and winning case here. I am not sure who gives the city government legal advice, but the “law” in question, that paved the way to grant the Dakota Scout the right to publish legal notices for cities and counties does NOT (did not) go into effect until July 1st. If true, by law, the State Government was not allowed to permit, nor license the Dakota Scout to do so. It was simply adopted by the legislature, and had to clear the Judicial Review Period, clearing any such challenges from the people. And that process does not end until June 30th, or 90 days after the Legislative Session which is January 15 to March 15, whereas Veto Days are March 27-30th. There was no legal challenge, nor petitions filed, so that part is fine, but, the Secretary of State could not clear the Dakota Scout until after July 1st …. that is a clear problem here…The City will almost for sure be punished for this, jumping of the gun, but lets pray a compromise can be found, that allows the Dakota Scout to officially become the paper of choice for all legal notices.

Oh, there will be a compromise . . .

Here is a copy of their SOS filing (notice the investor data is missing). Someone told me it is because the state won’t scan the back of docs, only the front. Or the Scab didn’t send the data. Not sure, but it would be nice to see who the investor’s are. Oh, and legally they were supposed to supply that information in December.

Notice the monthly views. Heck, DaCola even competes with that . . . and I don’t have a print version.

64K monthly unique users. Maybe the Scab is cheaper because virtually no one is reading it.

Like I said, the Argus has a justifiable lawsuit, unfortunately the judicial system in this state doesn’t lean towards justice, just covering piss poor politician’s asses.


And you still can’t get it because the SOS website is not functioning correctly. And the investor info wasn’t loaded to the site. What are they hiding?

The Argus is right in suing the city. I told the council privately and publicly they needed the investor information before approving this and they ignored my warnings and now it is biting them in the butt.

I wonder who the investors are and why this is being kept a secret? Well it is only a secret for now, we will soon learn who the partisan investors are. Sneve told me in a nasty text message that;

So who exactly do you think owns this newspaper besides Jonathan and I?

He never did tell me who really owns the paper, and now the city is getting sued over it. This is going to cost the taxpayers a lot of money. I sometimes wonder who is giving the city council legal advice, oh that’s right the guy who had to suddenly leave his last job . . .


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15 thoughts on “UPDATE: Sioux Falls City Council votes for The Dakota Scout as legal paper without investor info”
  1. We know who owns the DS. They run big Thune ads. First, they got rid of civics in our schools, then they pushed super precincts, and now they are destroying the media. You can call it a conspiracy theory if you want to, but wasn’t gravity the conspirator of Einsteins great works, too?…. AND, Albert still hasn’t been proven wrong…. 🙂

    ( and Woodstock adds: “Einstein the conspirator…. I love it!”…… 🙂 )

  2. it’s funny the argus has money to sue the city, when they don’t have money to actually have any reporters writing the news. i could care less about the greatest track stars of the last 40 years in watertown. no offense to any one from watertown.

  3. What is there to invest in? Are you seriously asking who purchased Joe and Jonathan’s laptop?

  4. You obviously know little about what it costs to print a newspaper. But no surprise you are constantly making assumptions about something you know very little about.

  5. I literally laughed out loud. “You are constantly making assumptions about something you know very little about”. Pot, meet kettle.

  6. So what I have been wrong about? Waiting for links. Knew this was going to blow up, just didn’t think it would happen this soon. It was a bad deal and it was obvious.

  7. Lt. Dunbar was once a Dakota scout, but then he turned against the establishment…… #StillWaiting

  8. I dont think, nor believe there is any funny business occuring with the Secretar of States Office, remember they are in the heart of an election season. I believe the Dakota Scout is a good paper, and has every legal right to be in the position they are in. Most of their revenue most likely comes from adveritsing and subcriptions, and the more people that advertize with them, and subscribe to them, the better they are. This is what is holding the costs down, allowning for readers to obtain free copies, which are distributed all throughout the state. They are a small, South Dakota business, and a start up, and I dont believe they have the high payroll that most papers have, which is another plus here. It is member driven, and owned by two persons. I do believe Joe Sneve to be a very good, honest reporter, so that part does not bother me. But what does, is the lack of concern for the law in relation to our city government itself. That is the part that dont make sense….
    – Mike Zitterich
    Minnehaha County
    Precinct Committee

  9. What’s really happening is Gannett is getting back for losing the market they improperly served and Ellis in particular. Public notices get back-staged while taxpayers pay expensive litigation. The Charter affords the city methods for lengthening if not ignoring this suit. The city must concede because an appeal into state court would expose the unconstitutional Charter. They could lose their ticket for criminally stealing public funds.

  10. Instead of Dakota Scout, how about more years in court with D@ily Spin? Eventually, the city might realize there must be a return to democracy. Maybe not.

  11. Looks to me like the city should pay Dakota Scout 7 figures to go away. They awarded the contract when they shouldn’t have. Pay out or lose 8 figures and piss off the public so they start questioning the charter.

  12. “Wow!….. Matt’s not only picking the Council, but now he’s running a newspaper in this town, which then got the rights to public notices from a Council he helped to get elected!”…. #IsThatHowThingsAreSupposedToWork? #TammanyHall
    #Immunity #OfficialAct

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