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Dr. Blake Curd has a case of Joel Dykstra syndrome

Uncle Fester

I think you need to change your idea bulb, Blake

If this is the kind of campaign Dr. Curd is gonna run, he might as well throw in the towel today;

PIERRE – Republican congressional candidate Blake Curd criticized U.S. Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin on Wednesday for a direct-mail piece that Curd said is a blatant campaign flier mailed at taxpayer expense.

“We shouldn’t have taxpayer money going to somebody’s re-election campaign,” he said.

Huh? A sitting US congressperson asking and telling veterans about government services is a campaign flier?

The piece in question, mailed to veterans, touts Herseth Sandlin’s support of higher wages for military personnel, enhanced G.I. Bill benefits and a 10 percent increase in veterans’ health.

While I can see Curd’s point, it is a stretch at best. There is plenty other things to attack Herseth on besides postage fees. Trust me. Do a little more digging Curd, I’m sure you will find a couple of things.

After this endorsement, Dykstra may just win afterall!

Voices Crazy was proud to make the announcement, and I’m peeling myself off the floor. Monday mornings are not usually filled with so much humor.

In defense of Joel Dykstra

Never thought I would defend Joel, I didn’t vote for him, and I disagree almost a 100% on what he stands for on the issues, but I do agree that Johnson bailing out on the KELO-TV forum tonight is complete B.S.

It wasn’t a debate, so I am not sure why Johnson would bail on it. He says he had to leave town for a meeting on Thursday? What?! Uh, hey Tim, tommorow is Wednesday. Ever heard of an airplane?

I know the tactic Johnson is playing; Joel is a nobody (that’s for sure) and the less I talk about him, the more I benefit. And he is right, Johnson is leading in the polls.

Pretty crazy considering he won’t talk to the press. I hope Johnson remembers his roots before he serves again, but I doubt he will.

Hopefully President Obama can set him straight.

One more reason not to vote for Dykstra

Don’t you have a debate to complain about somewhere?

Dykstra’s new TV ad

A very strange ad.

I saw this last night on TV and was confused by the AD. All it does is attack Johnson for not debating him, but doesn’t talk about what issues Dykstra stands for. I would think someone with limited funds would take every opportunity to tell South Dakotans what he stands for. Joel, you really need to get over this debate thing, the Scott Tissue company is having a hard time keeping up with production.

Vote Dykstra – Mr. Conflict of interest

From the SD Peace & Justice Center:

SDPJC supports environmentally sustainable development and farming, it is important to note we are concerned with the professional resume of U.S. Senate candidate Joel Dykstra: (see bio at the bottom which notes his expertise in the “ongoing national debate on alternative fuel sources”—what debate??)

Joel Dykstra—Professional Experience:
Business Consultant, present
Manager, Adams Thermal Systems, 2004-present

Chief Executive Officer, South Dakota Ag Producer Ventures, 2000-2004 (This was one of the first investment companies that brought out-of-state CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) to SD –mostly dairies and some hogs. He was instrumental early on in Ag United, a CAFO promoter.)

Business Development Director/Realtor, Hegg Companies, 1999-2000

Chief Executive Officer, London and Scottish Marine Oil Company
Italy, 1995-1999 (This one blew me away, especially since he was on Gov. Rounds energy task force from 2004-2005!)

International Business Coordinator, London and Scottish Marine Oil
Company plc, London, 1990-1995.
Member, South Dakota State University Anaerobic Digester Project (this is the waste management system for CAFOs)
Advisory Board, 2006-present
Member, Canton Rotary Club, 2000-present
Council Member/Deacon, Redeemer Free Lutheran Church, 1999-present.

Caucuses/Non-Legislative Committees:
Assistant Majority Leader, South Dakota State House of
Representatives, 2004-present
Chair, Economic Development Coordination Advisory Board, 2004-present
Board Member, Genesis of Innovation for South Dakota Advisory Board,
Secretary, Canton Economic Development Corporation, 2000-present
Board Member, Lincoln County Economic Development Association, 2000-
Co-Chair/Member, Governor’s Energy Task Force, 2004-2005.

Joel graduated from Canton High School in 1976, and earned his
Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa. Oklahoma. Joel spent his early career in the oil and gas industry. He spent 10 years as a Petroleum Landman for the U.S. subsidiaries of British oil companies based in Tulsa, OK. He accepted a promotion to the head office of LASMO, plc, in London, England, where he served as the International Business Coordinator for five years. He was then appointed CEO of LASMO’s Italian subsidiary in Rome, Italy – a position he held for four years before returning to his home state of South Dakota.

New Poll: Johnson 61%-Dykstra 34%

According to this poll, Johnson’s poll numbers went up 1% after he announced he would not debate.

75% of people polled did not think debates were not very important to them and that his decision would not determine their vote.

What does this mean? Does it mean the people of South Dakota really like Tim Johnson and are happy with his work since his return? Does it mean Joel Dykstra hasn’t raised any issues why voters should vote for him, besides the fact that Johnson will not debate, which according to this poll 75% of the people think it’s not very important? Is it a combo of both? Is is something else? Is it a bad poll?

What are your thoughts, why didn’t Dykstra see a bump from the Johnson is not debating news?

Joel Dykstra can’t stop crying . . .

 . . . about the debates. Hey Joel, don’t you think your time would be better spent knocking on doors and meeting people at events? And maybe raising a little money? Johnson washed his hands of you, it is time for you to accept it and move on.

Dykstra Not in Danger


Well, we can all rest our sphincters now. The letter to Mr. Dykstra’s office was filled with baby powder. That’s awfully thoughtful seeing as how the candidate’s ass is a little chapped after the whole debate thing.

At least it give our local yokal newsies something to be hysterical about – besides the weather.

Who is this Dykstra Character?