My roommate for over 11 years, and 3 months said goodbye to me yesterday.

Sodapop, named after a character from my favorite book ‘The Outsiders’ went peaceful, and did not suffer. We were fortunate enough to spend the past weekend together listening to Jazz (he loved Coltrane). Taking a lazy Saturday afternoon nap, perusing Falls Park (his favorite place besides his personal swimming pool at 8th and Phillips-the old horse drinking fountain). Playing one last game of ‘ball’ with one of the many Wilson tennis balls we snag at McKennan Park. And a drive around town so he could get one last ‘sniff’.

A horny, stinky, man to the end.

Sodapop never behaved well but loved everyone and always had a big grin for anyone who wanted to be his bud, I never tried to change him, wild man to the end, and I never apologized for his behavior.

He had many great friends, especially Hank Dog, Kirby and Robert the cat, and he loved to dance, mostly for any naive kid that mistaken his leg humping for the Salsa.

Apparently he ‘Hugs on the wrong side’.

I will miss your stinky butt. The only entity more inappropriate then me, and he always did it with a smile and a ball lick.

While he had some infamous attributes, Sodapop hardly ever barked at anyone (except me) and he never bit or attacked anyone, he truly wanted to be everyone’s friend. I’ve never had a pet who so genuinely wanted to be everyone’s friend, I miss that about him the most. While some people’s pets are stuck up, mean, finicky or irritable, he always showed love towards others (sometimes a little too much) even though he was uncomfortable at the end, he never showed it.

He always knew when I was down about something, and would always comfort me. He had an amazing pulse on what I was doing.

Soda was fortunate enough to join me for the Unity Concert last Fall in the Black Hills where he was the co-pilot of Uncle Bruce’s old camper RV. It was his greatest adventure, and he truly loved it.

Stay Golden Sodapop!