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So the GOP is going to shut down government over abortion and global warming?

The GOP wants to stop military pay over free condoms. Well, kinda.

I will admit, I haven’t really paid much attention to this until yesterday. Our MSM is so freaking awful, that I often ignore there cackling of crisis until the last minute. Disaster will ultimately be averted and either the Dems or the Repugs will come out the heros. But what shocks me is what the argument is all about;

Instead, the major obstacle was Republican insistence on including provisions that would strip Planned Parenthood funding and prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gas emissions, he said.

That’s right kids, the GOP wants to shut down most of the federal government because they are upset PP gives out free condoms and the the EPA believes in global warming.

They got their way with ACORN, it’s time to put an end to the insanity. If the GOP wanted to reign in spending on the Pentagon, Medicare and Social Security (our biggest budgetary expenditures), I might understand there stance. But providing affordable healthcare to women and protecting our environment (both of which take very little of our total budget) as excuses to shut down government seem as weak arguments. Don’t agree with abortion? Get Roe vs. Wade overturned. Abortion is legal in our country. Don’t believe in global warming? Fine. Give us scientific proof it doesn’t exist. Otherwise STFU!

Colbert comments on HB 1217

Abortions are an ‘Impulse Buy’


HB 1217 provides for a ‘cooling off’ period (H/T – The Onion)

If you told a state legislator that Jesus walked on water, would he believe you, wait . . .

“I believe anything the Unruhs tell me.”

Wow. Our governor is even dumber then I thought;

The Republican Governor of South Dakota signed a bill into law Tuesday, formally mandating that women in the state wait three days and visit with anti-abortion activists before undergoing a medical procedure to terminate a pregnancy.

With Gov. Dennis Daugaard’s signature, South Dakota claims the title of having the longest mandatory waiting period for an abortion out of any other state in the nation. About half of the states require patients to wait 24 hours.

There is only one abortion clinic in South Dakota: the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) in Sioux Falls.

South Dakota’s law was seen as part of a broader attack on Planned Parenthood by social conservatives acting at the state and federal levels.

The non-profit organization is perhaps best known for abortion services, thanks to media campaigns launched by its religious conservative critics. However, the vast majority of PPFA’s activities focus on education, womens’ health, disease screenings and pregnancy prevention.

To this effect, PPFA says that each year it plays a role in preventing over 600,000 unwanted pregnancies, and only three percent of their patients request abortion services. By contrast, figures show PPFA is ten times more likely to be helping prevent an abortion than carrying one out.

But in an exclusive interview with Raw Story, Republican state Sen. Al Novstrup, the South Dakota bill’s primary sponsor, did not seem to know that. He even suggested that Planned Parenthood is akin to an abortion factory, ushering women in and putting them on a doctor’s table without so much as a consultation.

He also suggested they have a financial incentive in carrying out as many abortions as possible, which is demonstrably false as similar procedures are astronomically more expensive when carried out at private hospitals. Most women pay between $500-$900 for abortion services through PPFA.

The 72-hour waiting period aside, the law will also require women to consult with one of the “crisis pregnancy centers” around the state, which are mainly run by anti-abortion activists.

I’ll say it again, the best way to end abortion is to prevent a pregnancy from happening to begin with. We should be encouraging PP to reach out and educate more people on birth control instead of continuing to tie their hands.

New Anti-Abortion ad, pretty sick and wrong

The ‘Black Bunny’ was a nice touch . . .

Ellis, Okerlund and Megan ‘Patron’ Luther bring the Triple Argue Endorser threat down!

Here’s to Megan! Salut!

I was going to do 3 separate posts, but hey, each story has a moral to it, and the contributors are from my favorite daily local newspaper (of course, there really isn’t another choice).

Let’s first start with Patron‘s lovely piece on the city paying out claims. While I enjoyed the information, two conflicting comments by Michelle Erpenbach struck me a bit;

“I come back to the idea that I feel the city has some responsibility for taking care of the people who live here,” she said.

I would agree with Michelle, 100%. But I find it odd that she feels a responsibility to take care of people (after all we all pay sales taxes) then turns around and expects us to pay more for it;

Erpenbach expects to vote for the (sewer rate) increase.

“To me, that’s part of living in a community,” she said. “In order to have the services that we want, at the level we want, it’s going to cost us money.”

While I can already hear the arguments, I will say this, if you want something to work and to be ‘nice’ it does cost extra, BUT, as I have said 100 x before, our sewer system was neglected while we squandered tax dollars on other stuff. It’s time to cut the apron strings from all the non-profits and extra-playland bullshit we are funding in Sioux Falls and target that money at the sewer system and streets instead jacking up our rates every freaking time we turn around.

Enough talk about turds.

Ellis had an interesting story about our mayor, and how he likes to edit his videos (as DaCola reported earlier this week). This quote by Huether was classic smilin’ Mike:

“There are folks that will do whatever they can to create partisanship, to stimulate divide versus progress and the people. And this is probably just another example,” he said.

Hey Mike? Wanna know what creates negativity, division, distrust in government and partisanship?


And now to Matt. I have to be honest with you, I don’t even know his job title at the AL but I always enjoy his columns. This week he points out the hypocrisy of the supporters of HB 1217;

Even though it almost certainly will be challenged in court as an unconstitutional invasion of privacy, Gov. Dennis Daugaard says he probably will sign the bill the South Dakota Legislature has passed requiring a woman to wait 72 hours and to receive counseling before she can have an abortion in the state.

If the legislation lands in court, Daugaard and others have suggested there are private donors willing to put up the money to defend it.

Which seems to beg the question: Why stop there?

If there are people in this nation so bent on ending abortion they’ll pay us to do their bidding, what other civil liberties could we attack to make some dough?

You’ll have to read the whole thing, good stuff.

Bartcop pretty much sums up HB 1217 (H/T – Helga)


Supporters of HB 1217 sending text messages

This image was sent to me. What the receivers want to know is how they got these phone numbers? I never received the text, but have heard of 3 people so far have.

Forget the debate, HB 1217 isn’t really needed

We can yell and scream all we want at each other about whether abortion is ethical or not, but the facts are simple, the 72-hour forced counseling legislature isn’t really needed;

He (Dr. Buehner) said he goes through 25 pages of paperwork with a woman seeking an abortion, including a section requiring her signature on each of 13 pages.

I have to tell them they’re terminating the life of a whole, unique, separate human being. I have to tell them they’re terminating a constitutional relationship with an unborn child. I have to tell them about suicide risk,” Buehner said.

Like I have said before, women don’t just walk into an abortion clinic, get an abortion, and walk out 10 minutes later. HB 1217 is an attempt to limit abortions in our state by making them more difficult to attain, that’s it. It doesn’t help the women seeking an abortion, it only complicates their lives even more, and it certainly doesn’t help the unborn.

Roger, you really need to get a hobby.

We should change the name of Pierre

Though voters have said TWICE that we are a pro-choice state, some legislators don’t get it. They continue to make it harder for women to have safe access to abortion;

A measure requiring women to consult with pregnancy help centers before getting abortions passed Tuesday in the South Dakota House despite arguments that it probably will be thrown out by courts after an expensive legal battle.

The bill says an abortion could not be performed until at least 72 hours after a woman first meets with a doctor who will perform the abortion.

That doctor would have to determine whether the woman is voluntarily seeking an abortion and whether she is at risk for developing psychiatric or physical problems if she has an abortion.

Before getting an abortion, a woman also would have to consult with a pregnancy help center to get information about services available to help her give birth and keep a child. The state would publish a list of pregnancy help centers that seek to persuade women not to have abortions.

The bill’s main sponsor, Rep. Roger Hunt, R-Brandon, said many women have made it clear that they did not get adequate counseling before getting abortions at South Dakota’s only abortion clinic, which is in Sioux Falls. Women have testified in court cases and in legislative hearings that they have been coerced into getting abortions by boyfriends, husbands and others, he said, but the abortion clinic does nothing to help them resist that pressure.

“This is a matter of life. This is a matter of taking life,” Hunt said. “This is about information and blocking coercion. These are all good and noble objectives.”

So what Roger is saying is women getting abortions are to ignorant to understand what they are getting themselves into, but he knows better. Yeah . . . Right.

The measure also would force women to submit to lectures by unqualified counselors or volunteers who argue against abortion because of religious beliefs, Gibson said.

“It substitutes what amounts to harassment, propaganda and coercion for unbiased counseling information,” Gibson said.

Councilors who just happen to be really good friends of Mr. Hunt. While I can understand the outrage by women when it comes to the privacy issues, I am more concerned about the business nepotism going on here. Why not just require a QUALIFIED councilor to be present at PP? And maybe I am off base, but I believe women are told about the procedure before getting it done. I don’t think it is any freaking mystery, abortion terminates a pregnancy. I think it’s time we ABORT some legislators in Pierre and vote them out of office next time around.