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Quick Sarah, to the Cheney Cave!

Looks like McSame is going to regret he didn’t vett the VP properly. Should of listened to me and picked Tom Ridge. Looks like it’s time Sarah headed back to the Cheney Cave.

“What do you mean Charlie?”

Palin Update; She’s Hickalicious! Woo Hoo!

And she ain’t one of those fake Harvard hicks like GW Bush, she’s the real deal!

Oh Yeah, She’s a ‘Cocky-Wacko’ to.

H/T – The Mother Load

Straight from the chosen land….

..to a White House near you.

Vice Pentecostal Palin’s speech to the crazies!

I realize this is old news, but I’m amazed me that this isn’t talked about more. Palin doesn’t attend the Pentecostal church on a regular basis anymore (I’m sure to avoid political fallout), but she did opt to speak to a group of their “Master’s Commission” while she was the Governor. Scary stuff people. Just imagine the Speaker of the House being the Speaker of the Tongues.

Wanna setup a Meth Lab? Move to Wasilla, Alaska

Maybe she needed some COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS to help with the growing meth problem in Wasilla?