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The Latest in Obamascare

Elderly Season opens October 1st.

Elderly Season opens October 1st.

by Doktor Barkey

Goooing dooooowwn!


Probably not the first time Tyler has dropped a load on Rally folk. Too funny!

I’m surprised he didn’t break a hip.

Any of you Pinkos want to put your money where your mouth is?

For all of you Obamaphiles still high on contraband pharmaceuticals and your messiah’s inauguration, here’s a chance to fund your illicit activities for some time: prove Obama’s a legit president and this lawyer will give you $100,000.

According to well-respected attorney, dentist, and real-estate broker Orly Taitz (someone with that many degrees should be taken seriously by you liberal elitists),  Obama is not eligible to be the president because he was born in Kenya to a man with British citizenship and a woman who wasn’t old enough at the time to transmit her US citizenship. The American eggs in her uterus must not have been fully mature until she was 21 or something. 

Until one of you leftist clowns comes up with something better, I’m using this document to prove you all wrong:



Go ahead and try to prove me wrong. I dare you!

Until then, I will be monitoring this website and many others from my underground home in an undisclosed location in Real America.

Minuteman out.

SouthDacola Food Club w/ McGangBang


The name alone will piss off the Sheilas over at DW.

It’s kind of like having a threesome with two ugly chicks. While it’s happening you’re stoked, because hey threesome!!! But once you’re finished it kinda sinks in about what you’ve done.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again….

Before long you’ll be filling out a credit application along with your HIPAA forms when you are admitted into the hospital.

First, Sanford’s SFFCU branch  gets the boot to make way for T.Den’s evil money machine. It’s just a matter of time before First Premier taps the medical lending well…

Mark my words.

New Workout is all the Rage in South Dakota!


Vinnie Jones…Personal Trainer!

and the Biggest Waste of Taxpayer Money Ever is….

I can't even say how stupid I think NASA is...

How can we justify $100 BILLION for lunar missions in the next decade?

Someone PLEASE enlighten me on this? IMHO, we should take half and explore the oceans, and the other half to bomb the middle east. At the very least NASA should sell advertising on their booster rockets.. Mountain Dew, Nike, Travelocity, Trojan Condoms….

Why are the NEO-CONS so afraid of Obama-san?

Chuck Norris is a pussy

Because he’s a god damned NINJA, that’s why!

I guess PETA is furious too… making it even more AWESOME!

Open Thread: A sad day for music in Sioux Falls


I just have two questions after readng the announcement in the Argus.

1. Where will college kids go to force their shitty taste in music on the masses?

2. Will Jango the Frog move his show to another station where no one will listen to it?

Have a fond memory of the KAUR studio? Do share.