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Look, a dog that can dance better then Angry Guy

Open Thread – Ab’dya, Ab’dya Ab’dya…

We're all gonna die....
Image gleaned from imageshack.com

If we’ve learned anything from history, it’s that even athletes can’t outrun pandemic swine flu.

Click the link for a fabulous propaganda video about the 1976 swine flu scare.

We’re all going to die, you know.

Up next in the "Poor Taste Governmental Excerices"….

Ryder Truck Conventions in OKC?

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers ipod

Phuket Thailand monster wave riding competitions?
National “Lick a Sick Mexican” Day?


OK. I’ll shut up now.

I would like to see Sandy JerkStore’s actual score…

Math is Hard!
I’m not saying I would do any better… but I’m not taking math tests on the news.

 And the same is true for Senator Jerstad; she filled out the ones she knew for sure, but left some questions blank.
“I thought it was quite challenging, but you have to remember I’m a long way from my high school math,” Jerstad said.

Minnesota students who don’t pass the test do get more chances to take it, but only every two months during their senior year. If they fail the retests, they won’t get a diploma. As as state lawmaker and former Augustana College coach and teacher, Jerstad says to her, that’s the part of the test she has the most trouble with.

“It’s good to teach and emphasize that, it’s very important, but not to make a requirement for absolutely everyone to graduate from high school,” Jerstad said.

All of our participants rely on some math skills on a daily basis..

Open Thread – Eat meat, be merry

You wouldn't want people to this you're a Nazi, would you?

Even with the economy in the shitter, alcohol sales are up. I felt compelled to share one of my favorite sites on the internets  Modern Drunkard Magazine out of Denver. It was THIS POST about how to infiltrate the “drys” that made me chuckle.  So here’s to all you teetotalers out there making our lives easier by following through and picking up our slack. I tip my glass to you.. or more specifically… away from you.. and down my throat.

School officials were misled about playing for Teabaggers? SHOCKER!

Yeah.. that’s the ticket…. Thune arranged it.. and it’s a non-partisan event…

How could you not trust this guy?

Click the Ass Hat to see his HORRIBLE “reenactment” of the Patrick Henry speech.

Open Thread – Good News Confirmed!

Dozens of Great new beers coming.. and one mediocre one...

Dozens of Great new beers coming.. and one mediocre one...

Starting MAY 11th, Dakota Beverage will carry New Belgium’s beers. Initially it will just be 22oz bottles and drafts, but the full line will be here mid July. Just in time for SouthDacola’s 1st Annual “Pitch a Tent” fest.

Open Thread: Double standards, Tiny Britches, and your mom.

What do those 3 things have in common?

I can’t stop playing with it….

No, I’m not talking about my penis.

The GOP should adopt this tactic for the next election…

Who wants dark meat?
But it would have to be a donkey instead of a snake.