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Dude, you’ve really let yourself go…

Kelo ran a story this morning titled “Dude to Dad”.

So, are they going to dress up like Indians?


As mentioned in an earlier post, there’s going to be a tax protest at Covell Lake where participants will reenact the Boston Tea Party. It’s being organized on facebook. I think a counter protest should dress as British redcoats and threaten to arrest the protestors for treason against the crown – not because they don’t have a right to protest taxes, but because it would be equally silly and pointless.

Funny how almost no one complained when the last administration outspent all the others combined.

PS: Everyone’s favorite back-cracker is organizing the event.

What a welfare queen may look like


The guys who drove AIG to the point where they needed your money to survive would like you to know how grateful they are and that they’re spending it wisely to ensure they don’t need any more of your money in the future.

Just kidding. They’re handing out $165 million in bonuses to their derivatives traders – the ones who put them into this situation. For their part, the government is doing everything it can to try and stop these bonuses from being paid. We taxpayers are, after all, the largest shareholder in the company. Surely there’s something we can do , right?

Personally, I’m recording the testimony of AIG’s CEO so I can get some popcorn and watch him squirm. I really hope he tries to defend the bonuses – comedy gold in the making.

Throw a shoe at W., get 3 years in an Iraqi prison…

Initiate a false war where almost 100,000 civilians have been killed in the last 6 years and drive our country into an economic grave…. retire in luxury.


If he wasn’t such a Rebublican douche bag….

This would be more awesome.

The DNC takes a page from SouthDacola.

In ten words or less, sum up Douche Limbaugh’s existence, and the DNC will put it on a billboard in his home town…. and give you a T-shirt. Do you think they use Cafe Press too?

The only word I can think of is ‘douchenozzle’. Or should that be two words?

When times are down, have some sauerkraut

So I’m walking downtown last night and I get a text message from Oliver Surden;

“Just ate at the Bohemian Cafe. I’m in sauerkraut hell. It was awesome.”

People from every corner of the world have come to enjoy an authentic Czech meal and to satisfy the deep depths of their rumbling stomachs.

Bastard! Rub it in with gravy and gigantic dumplings you little jerk.

As you know, the Bohemian Cafe in Omaha is swinging joint

Just when you are having a decent night, one of your friends has to f’ck with you and tell you they are having a better night.

Oh well, Oliver deserves it, he also deserves the cabbage hell that will be inflicted on his gastric system today.

I have the best dreams!

I can’t remember there being a point to any of it, but I thought it might be fun to run through the highlights.

For some reason I was at work on a Sunday and couldn’t check my voicemail. GoD stops by to use the shitter, and brought a ‘Post-Feminism-Lesbian-MAXIM-Assault-Weapon-Weekly’ magazine with him to read, but ends up leaving it on my desk. Inside the mag, instead of samples of perfume, there is a single prosthetic labia attached to an advertisement for vaginal reconstruction. For some reason I tear it out and start pretending it is a fake moustache, walking around and putting it up to peoples faces to see what they look like with ‘labia-lip’.  One of these people is my mom, who starts to freak out about the idea of fake mommy parts touching her face, when I reassure her that in reality I am holding a 4 foot long plastic iguana, and the very end of the tail was what I was pretending was the moustache. That is about the time that I notice that my voicemail light isn’t on anymore, and I start feeling like I’m choking and can’t breath. So I rush off to the bathroom, which is hard to find because for some reason I work in a giant building that is a cross between the YMCA, John Morrell, and the Old Courthouse. When I look in the mirror, there is a hair sticking out of my mouth. For the remainder of my dream, I am pulling huge hairballs out of my throat, stomach, sinuses and inner ear. Great big gobs of bathroom sink and tub drain type hairballs. They look like they’ve been steeped in soap scum and mold and they smell and taste about the same.

Someone walks in the bathroom and reminds me that it’s time to go bowling. It is at THAT POINT that I realize I’m dreaming… I don’t ever go bowling.. and that is what’s weird enough to wake me up.

Angry Guy pulls it off again

Just for the record

Not just a pretty face, but also a rabble rouser

I compared representative Noem to Palin, way back in the day; just read her BIO, funny stuff.

But Madville adds a little more to my original findings.

I find it extremely funny that a ‘retired farmer’ would take on Heidepriem. I agree with Kristi, he has a conflict of interest, but you may be barking up the wrong tree. West River vs. East River. This is just starting to heat up.