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Who authorized the Arc of Dreams placement?

I still can’t figure out who approved the placement of Arc of Dreams? The city council surely hasn’t.

I ask this question now because the piece is almost completed and $1 million in private money has been raised for it.

Some important questions to ask;

Will it be placed on private property (Raven and Cherapa) or city property?

Was there approval from CORP of Engineers since it goes over the river?

Depending on where it is placed (let’s assume city property) who will be paying for it’s maintenance? A large sculpture like this will need regular maintenance.

I have some of these questions into the city council. We will see what answers we get. There just seems to be a lot secrecy surrounding the project.

Did we miss a BIGGER opportunity with Arc of Dreams?

First off, I’m not one to tell rich peeps how to spend their money. If they want to give to charity, I think that is great. I’m also one to NOT discourage giving money towards public art projects.

It seems lately though that people are questioning the whole point of ‘Arc of Dreams’ and mainly it’s location.

No criticism towards the artist, he does large, beautiful pieces across our state, including Dignity in Chamberlain. It’s his life and living. Also, no criticism towards those willing to help pay for this large scale commission . . .  but . . . does it seem a bit shortsighted and lacking the vision of the whole picture of downtown’s artistic image?

Instead putting all of our eggs in one basket in one (overcrowded) area, why not spread the wealth around?

One of the main arguments made to put ‘Arc of Dreams’ downtown was for a needed tourist attraction Downtown. Nevermind SculptureWalk, a replica of David, oh and that little cute waterfall at Falls Park.

But if we really wanted to bring ‘tourism’ downtown, why not invest that cool million used for ONE public art project to fund several projects that would be a combination public art/infrastructure?

During the downtown design meeting I attended one of the concerns people had about downtown was the dead zones, areas along Phillips Avenue and various side streets that have areas that have really nothing to look at while walking around downtown.

So what could WE have done with that million besides just building one large project?

First of all, I would use only local contractors and artists for these projects. Economic development starts at home.

Here is a brief list of what we could have done;

At approximately $20K  a piece we could have erected 50 permanent sculptures downtown in these dead zones. We could have also spent approximately $50K a pop for  20 mini gardens/parks/benches in these areas. And if we really wanted to get a bang for our buck we could have commissioned 200 murals at $5K a piece to help beautify some of those drab building walls downtown.

There is probably a whole host of other things we could have spent the million on that would have really boosted visitors to our downtown.

Let me hear your ideas!

UPDATE: More Silence from the Arc of Dreams

Recently there has been several ads in the Argus about their proud sponsorship of the Arc of Dreams and the NEW design, but zero information about why the design has changed.

Hello? Anybody?

UPDATE: As I suspected it had to do with the wind’s affect on the sculpture. I would like to thank artist Dale Lamphere for coming clean on the design change. Remember folks, art is fluid.

I pointed this out when the sculpture was first announced almost a year ago;

1. Since the large structure does not connect in the middle, there could be issues with it’s weight when it comes to high winds and counter balance.

I find it ironic, just like my badgering about how SculptureWalk was juried, funded and insured, they slowly made changes to it. This time it only took them a year to wise up to the fact that the wind would blow it down. SW really needs to start paying me for my consulting work instead trying to get me fired from my job for writing letters to the editor about ugly goose sculptures.

Is the ‘Arc of Dreams’ getting tweaked

Top image is the new and improved design, bottom is the original.

I guess I haven’t heard any announcements that the design of the sculpture was changing, in fact if you go to their website, they still have the old image up.

I caught it on the site sign yesterday next to the proposed location. It must have just recently changed because I ride my bike by this sign almost everyday.

What do you think of the new design compared to the old? I kind of liked the simplicity of the first design.

But the artist may not have a choice in the matter. When it was first proposed I was told by and engineer and a person who has worked around large scale public art projects that since the piece was flat and didn’t touch (held together) it would need massive counterweights because of the wind. I’m sure the new design helps with wind flow and is much lighter without the panels of polished stainless steel. I’m also wondering if it is a little cheaper to?

I’m curious if there will be an official announcement about the change, I also wonder if they will tell us why it had to be changed. Things that make you go hmmmmm. I guess sometimes your dreams have to be tweaked to come true 🙂