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Australian Babes of the Week


These two hotties will be in Sioux Falls next week. They are Australian girls traveling America and filming their trip. A friend of mine met them in Austin and convinced them to come see his band CASTLE next Thursday at Nutty’s North. Join the fun and be a part of their blogs on the internets.


Babe of the day; Myra Flynn




Check out Myra’s music (and see the above full body photo. I’ll have to say, western shirts look good on women, especially when they are not wearing any drawers.


She kind of reminds me of Tracy Chapman a little, but what do I know.

H/T – Sy

'Sophisticated' Babe of the day; Rachelle Durkin


I thought I would one up Todd in the babe department;

Australian soprano Rachelle Durkin is one of opera’s most striking young artists performing at major houses worldwide to critical acclaim.

I also see that Dakota Women had to have a pity party about how women are not appreciated if they don’t have wax bodies. Boo Hoo. Trying being 5′ 6″, a beer belly and the voice of Mr. Bosley from Charlies Angels and see how many women pay attention to you. Not very many. Women discriminate against men just as much on appearance and even more so on wealth. I have had two girlfriends leave me for wealthier men. My saying has always been I am for equal rights and equal pay for women, but I am also for equal treatment. If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen, or at least out of the SD blogosphere.