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Sioux Falls Press conference on Bicycle riding (H/T – MinusCar Project)


Get your bike riding ass there;

The Mayor of The City will be hosting a bike related press conference Wednesday, 12:15 @ Cherapa Place. If you’ve ever ridden a bike before you should get on it and ride to this press conference.

Seriously, I think you should. Especially if you read The MinusCar Project and nod your head in agreement more often than you shake your head in disappointment.

Temporarily closing the city bike trail may save us from the Apocalypse


Apparently the Four Horseman could be riding in on the Big Sioux Creek, but don’t expect them to be on bikes.

I see city officials are sharing talking points when it comes to levees, floods, and spending Federal money;

Sam Trebilcock, a city transportation planner, said the trail will close from 49th Street to the dam just north of where the river and creek meet northeast of 26th Street for a city flood control project to raise the levees by 5 feet and build a dam.

“You know very well what happens in the news if we don’t do that,” Trebilcock said. “Grand Forks happens. What happened in huge catastrophic (quantities) in New Orleans happens if you don’t have a good levee system.”

First off, Sammy, Sioux Falls isn’t a soup bowl sitting below sea level. In fact you and I both know the real reason why the levees are getting built; an overly paranoid FEMA after Katrina started running around the country like a chicken with their heads cut off. Secondly, several studies have shown Sioux Falls is experiencing a moderate drought, and everyone knows we have low water tables here. I find it ironic that the same city that is begging the Feds for money to build the Lewis and Clark water pipeline (That we have borrowed millions to build, well because, we don’t have much water in Sioux Falls) would be going to the same Feds to ask for money for our levees.

Does Sioux Falls have the potential to flood? Sure, and precautions should be taken, but don’t act like it is the end of the world and cut the crap.

What!? No Bikey.

I just noticed this tidbit of information;

Sioux Falls is going to close down the bike trail at the 41st area to the Great Plains Zoo area until 2010 with no alternate routes. This is not acceptable. We still have to chance to voice our opinions and concerns. The Snakebite will be speaking. I hope you all can dress in cycling garb and attend the meeting.

Please attend the meeting this Wednesday, 5-6:30 at the Oyate Community Center, 2421 W. 15th Street – next to Garfield Elementary.

Please attend the meeting if you can. I agree this is unacceptable. As you may or may not know, that stretch of the bike trail is the only route through that part of town bicyclists can use safely. Kiwanis avenue is two hilly.