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Guest Toons; Sioux Empire Podcast

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Does the Pavilion need to have the plagiarism talk with Folkerts?

I guess some people never learn. Below Jason brags about plagiarizing Peanuts cartoons and handing them out to kids at the Pavilion. After Schulz died Disney took ownership of the cartoons copyrights. There is nothing wrong with drawing these toons for his own use and pleasure, but using them as marketing for the Pavilion, even if they are not being sold, is a No, No, unless they got consent (which they might have, but I highly doubt it).

But this isn’t Jason’s first rodeo doing this. Schulz never appreciated it when he was alive either.

Jason also took a stab at Star Wars.

I wonder if Jason knows about this handy contact list?

The troubling part is that Jason is doing this while representing the Pavilion as the Visual Arts Director for a city contractor on city property. If Disney gets wind of his plagiarism, a lot of people could be in a lot of hot water besides just Mr. Folkerts.

Jason, we both know you are talented enough to draw your own cartoons, so next time, hand out Folkert’s originals.

The Pavilion must be getting VERY desperate for VAC directors

TV Host, Cartoonist, Artist, Youth Director . . . there isn’t nothing this guy can’t do.

I had to take a double take when I read this;

The Visual Arts Center in Sioux Falls will have a new leader starting next month.

The Washington Pavilion announced Thursday that Jason Folkerts has accepted the position and will start on August 2.

Before joining the staff at the Washington Pavilion, Folkerts graduated from the University of Sioux Falls and worked as a youth pastor for 12 years. He is also a full-time artist and owns his own business that specializes in murals, cartooning, and live art.

Folkerts used to be the editorial cartoonist for the Argus Leader. He was relieved of his duties after a couple of local cartoonists made the newspaper aware that he may have plagiarized a Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist. But the AL just couldn’t get enough of Jason’s work so they brought him back, until he was suspected a second time of plagiarizing another international cartoonist (who ironically was the president of an anti-plagiarizing organization). The AL relieved him permanently after that. (You can read all of Jason’s comments about the incident HERE in the comments section of this blog post).

Besides his lack of integrity when it comes to other artists creative property, what baffles me even more is that the Pavilion would hire an individual that doesn’t even have a degree in art, art management, etc. Heck, he doesn’t even have a degree in regular management or business, he is a youth pastor with a seminary degree.

Running a Visual Arts Center isn’t like running summer Bible Camp folks.

I have been told though that the qualifications for the position have been drastically changed since the last director left (it was also changed a little before she took the job).

The Pavilion management and board are apparently losing their freaking minds. There needs to be a National search for an ACTUAL art director with the experience to run such an important division of the Pavilion.

Bag Amendment ‘U’


Should the Argus Leader bring back local editorial cartoons


Steve Sack is also an accomplished sculptor

At the cartoonist conference today, I had the pleasure of meeting several great midwest cartoonists, including 35 year, Pulitzer prize winning cartoonist Steve Sack, who is one of only about 30 remaining, on staff, full-time editorial cartoonists in the country. Steve works for the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

He said that in the over the 8,000 cartoons he has done in his career, only 3 have been rejected. One was about the construction of the Mall of America, another was about a fellow staffer, and the third was about the Syrian boy who washed up on shore dead.

Last year I had an in depth conversation with (then) Argus Leader Publisher Bill Albrecht about bringing back local editorial cartoonists. While he sympathized with me, and thought it was a good idea, he felt newspapers have gotten away from it due to the controversy.

Hey, newspaper industry, editorial cartoons are supposed to be controversial, at least the good ones.

Zombies and Cartoonists, Double Whammy Saturday!

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