Misery is known to many as “The Cave State.” There are reportedly 6000 caves discovered in MO with more found every day. However, there are other reasons we call her “The Cave State.” Misery is also a state which lives in the past and likes it that way.

$21 million are set to go to life science research in the state, a lot of money in such tough economic times. Typical of the backwards nature of our citizenry, there is a lawsuit to stop such funding because it could go to stem-cell research. Voters have already shown support for stem-cell research, but the pro-lifers in the state won’t have any part of it.

Other evidence that we’re still living in the stone age popped up with this year’s presidential election. Misery was once known as a bellweather state, voting with the rest of the country every year since 1904 (except in 1956). Now, having chosen John McCain over Barack Obama, that status is in question. Of course, had 3,700 of the 17,813 who voted for Ralph Nader (or 11,386 for Barr) switched to Obama, the state’s bellweather status would be intact. Voting for Nader is so 2000.