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Another Episode of ‘Whadda I tell yah’

Imagine that, as I predicted in a toon on Sunday, heads exploding over the Chavez/Obama handshake;

Buchanan: Barack Obama allowed himself to be disrespected. Now if that’s the way he wants to do it personally, that’s personal. But he’s the President of the United States, and his country was savaged and smeared down there, and he grinned all the way through it.

Yes, Pat, because Bush did such a wonderful job of protecting America’s reputation . . .

and once again, Dick continues to be a Dick.

Cheney: I find disturbing is the extent to which he has gone to Europe, for example, and seemed to apologize profusely in Europe, and then to Mexico, and apologize there, and so forth,” “And I think you have to be very careful. The world outside there, both our friends and our foes, will be quick to take advantage of a situation if they think they’re dealing with a weak president or one who is not going to stand up and aggressively defend America’s interests.

He may be a ‘weak president’ in your eyes, but he is kinda coming off as a leader with humility if you ask me. But we all know you don’t know Dick, Dick.

El Stupidity


It seems Presidente Chavez has had a change of tune

“For now . . .”

I have often been fascinated by Hugo Chavez and how he is his own’s worst enemy. So many great ideas, such poor judgement. He is clouded by power, not socialism. He reminds me of a combination of Castro and Pablo Picasso.

Frontline on PBS did an 90 minute doc on him that explains it all.

I like the uniforms though . . . red is such a powerful color.