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Jon Stewart slams FOX in a rap (H/T – Helga)

Stewart pointed to the hypocrisy of Fox News pundits going after Common, but not artists like Johnny Cash, who was honored by President George W. Bush and who also has penned a violent lyric or two in his day, and Ted Nugent, who has made violent remarks about Obama and Hillary Clinton, yet is considered a “friend” by Hannity.

The Daily Show interview w/ January Jones ripping on SD

This is fantastic stuff.

The Daily Show has some tots review Gov. Moose Drool’s new book, and it ain’t good

The segment with John Oliver starts at about 8:00


I think I’m falling out of love with Sarah Silverman

Kristen Schaal is my new girl. She has been on the Daily Show a few times, and I love her hokey-nervous-clumsy attitude towards comedy. I think she would work better on The Colbert Report though.

Johnny McSame Daily Funnies

2000 Bush = 2008 McCain.

Guest toon of the day.

John McSame, the Movie