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Hypocrite of the Week; Lincoln County Commissioner Dan King

No wind here, just a lot of smoke blowing.

Oh, Dan, how you make us chuckle. While you go on rants to the SF city council for a decision they made about zoning, every opportunity you had to make a decision about wind energy zoning, you chicken-shit out with your buddy Jim Schmidt. Maybe Dan is afraid that the Liberals will build encampments around the wind towers to raise their crack babies;

“As a board, if we crafted our ordinances and our policies so that businesses could or couldn’t come into the county, I think that’s the wrong way to look at it,” says Lincoln County commission chairman Dan King.

King says there’s a reason for the delay in decision-making.

Commissioners are researching what are called wind rights.

“A wind tower creates a wake that affects downwind where wind towers can be placed,” explains King.


King says they need to look into how close the towers should be to one another and how that affects wind rights.

However, Minish says this is more of a property rights issue.

Hey, let’s talk wind rights, because if me or any other homeowner down wind of John Morrell’s has a right to the wind blowing across our property, we best lawyer up and sue the living crap out of JM’s for stinking up my back yard on a weekly basis. Dan, just admit it, you are a weak lawmaker who can’t make a simple decision. It comes down to aesthetics, that’s it. Your job as a lawmaker is not to be an art critic, it is to make laws that keep people safe while promoting economic development. There have been thousands of studies done on how safe (and green) wind energy is. Maybe you and Jim should share a computer at the library and do a little research on it instead of listening to all the Hayseed’s BS that come to your meetings.

Wind energy isn’t a Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal idea, I would even be willing to guess most of the property owners and investors involved are probably Republican.

So the next time you have the urge to harass my lawmakers in Sioux Falls for ‘actually’ making a decision, think about all the lost opportunities you have had to make the right and judicial decision.

BTW, I think cowboy hats are ugly, just saying.

Lincoln County Commissioner, Dan King, gets his ‘Trump’ on

Dan, turn off the FOX news, take a deep breath, and relax;

Not to mention, for some of you, I imagine there is motivation to mix income groups in order to infuse more liberal voting blocs throughout the city. Low income housing, scattered around the edges of much higher income populations is one form of redistricting that the subsidized developers and property managers are more than motivated to help with. If you get enough of this stuff going on the edges, you can guarantee a diffused conservative voting population in time.

Once you finish laughing hysterically, you have to realize, this is coming from a guy who compares bicyclists who ride on paved roads to chicken eggs. I have seen Mr. King in action at a Lincoln County Commission meeting, and I have seen and heard his constituents, no surprise he got elected.

First off, most younger voters who preside in apartments DON’T VOTE or their registration address is outdated. Secondly, Dan might be surprised to find that their are quite a few registered younger conservatives.

“I’m looking at what’s in the best interest of property owners and what the ordinance says,” Starr said. “There’s no liberal conspiracy going on and I find it highly offensive that he would suggest that.”

While I agree with Pat, what offends me more is that such prejudice morons get elected to office, but spend a day in some Canton coffee shops, and you will understand why.