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First Candidate of the 2022 Sioux Falls mayoral race

It shouldn’t surprise any of us that David Zokaites filled out his paperwork yesterday for his run for mayor in 2022. As we all know, last time around David wasn’t put on the ballot because he didn’t turn in enough signatures. That’s what you get when you have a bunch of ZOMBIES collecting your sigs 🙂 or was it temp labor? Wait . . .

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Sioux Falls Mayoral Candidate Zokaites KELO AM interview

Anderson & ZoKaites turn in financial reports

The last two Sioux Falls mayoral candidate stragglers have turned in their reports;

David spent everything he raised, but hey, when it’s your money . . .

Kenny spent almost everything he raised.

Parade of Lights – Political Float BAN

I knew about this before last Friday’s Parade of Lights, but I didn’t want to spoil the parade for mayoral candidate David Z.

At first David was told he couldn’t put his ‘David Z’ for mayor car in the parade because the Parade of Lights has a ban on ‘political’ floats, you know, because of all that ‘family crap’ event (God forbid we expose the youngsters to politics), never mind all the commercialization of Christmas which turns a knot in my stomach more than any political candidate waving from a car.

David was allowed to be in the parade, but he had to ‘cover’ the ‘for mayor’ lettering on his car. David covered it so it said, ‘David Z as honest as Abe Lincoln’ and dressed himself in a holiday lighted version as America’s greatest president. Good for David, he rolled with it, I would not have.

Besides the fact that thousands of tax dollars are being spent on the winter wonderland (putting a private charity fundraiser out of business at Yankton Trail Park) and the fact that over a dozen of public works vehicles were featured in the parade. And most importantly DTSF receives property tax money for operational costs.

The Brookings Parade of Lights does not have a political float ban. So why does Sioux Falls?

We are constantly asking why we have such low voter turnout in municipal elections, well one of those reasons is that the city spends very little money promoting city elections. Organizations like DTSF doesn’t have a problem with TAKING our tax dollars, they just don’t want us to have a conversation about the politics in this community, they just want our money.

DTSF needs to END the political float ban, simply for the fact they receive public funding. If they want to keep their archaic rule about the ban, fine, we can take their public funding away and move the Parade of Lights to circle the Top Hat and Sunshine foods like the Zombie Walk parade.

South DaCola Podcast 9: Mayoral Candidate David Zokaites

David talks to us about civil rights, government corruption and why he wants to change the culture of city hall.

Republican Leaders in SD continue to grasp at straws about the evil weed

Doesn’t matter how many FACTS you throw at Republican leaders in our state about the benefits of eliminating the prohibition of marijuana, they continue to grasp at any made up crap they can to call out on the evil weed.

Mayoral candidate and all around Shaggy double, David Zokaites did a presentation about drug prohibition and especially the worthless nature of prohibiting marijuana at public input during the Minnehaha county commission meeting this week AND the same presentation at the city council meeting.

At the end of the meeting during open discussion (FF: 1:14) Commissioner Jeff Barth said that the county and state should start the conversation now in case marijuana gets legalized in our state next year (which he thinks it will) when it comes to taxation, zoning, etc. He thought we were blindsided by Marsy’s Law and should be better prepared with marijuana legalization.

Bob Litz who happened to be standing at the podium talked about an upcoming speaker at a conference who is a sheriff from Colorado, who will speak about the effects of legalization in his state.

Of course, the commission’s Neo-Con, since Dick left, Cindy Heiberger had to weigh in. She said while David pointed out that NO one died from marijuana usage, she had to point out that it causes ‘social issues’.

I would partially agree, because people are tired of being arrested and prosecuted over a harmless drug, and the ‘issues’ it is causing in their lives.

Sioux Falls Mayoral Candidate David Zokaites at the SE Fair

While one of his other opponents is busy selling overpriced American motorcycles, David has been working the crowd this week at the SE Fair. I spoke with David at the Fair Monday night, he said the response to his candidacy has been ‘Very Positive’ and people are looking forward from moving on from the current administration. Thank God for term limits!